Los Angeles City College

President's December 2010 Newsletter

Dr. Jamillah Moore|President

Los Angeles City College


Dear Members of the Los Angeles City College Community:

 Dr. Moore

As we celebrate the end to a successful fall semester and we prepare for the holiday season, I want to take this opportunity to thank the students, faculty and staff of the institution.  This past year has been very productive and as we close out 2010, I am so proud of what we have accomplished.  Here are examples of some of those accomplishments:


·  Reaffirmation of the college's accreditation

·  Through our shared governance process, we

      were able to balance a $7.5 million deficit

·  Commencement Keynote by the Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis

·  Number one ranked Math team

·  Re-achieved our status as an Hispanic Serving Institution

·  Awarded a Title V Grant of over $4 million over a five year period 

·  Awarded the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Grant

·  Hosted the U.S. Attorney General and Secretary of Health and   

     Human Services

·  Dental Tech Graduates ranked number one in the Nation

·  LACC Foundation raised over $400,000 in scholarship funds

     with the 80th Anniversary Celebration Gala

·  Completing Fall 2010 on target with FTES

·  Hired 14 new faculty members 


In appreciation of all that you do I have started a new tradition at LACC known as the President's Annual Appreciation Breakfast, in support of the campus personnel and the students we serve.  Listed below is the timeline and the location for the event.                                                                                                                                          

·  Faculty Appreciation Breakfast: December 9th in the Faculty and

      Staff Center at 7:30am Thank you to those who attended this very            

      successful kick-off!

·  Classified Appreciation Breakfast: (January 11th or 13th) in  

      the Faculty and Staff Center at 7:30 am

·   ASO Student Appreciation Breakfast: (February date TBA) in the

      Faculty and Staff Center at 7:30 am

·  Management Team Appreciation Breakfast: (March date TBA) in

      the Faculty and Staff Center at 7:30am 


I have no doubt that spring will be just as exciting.  I invite you to check out the Colleges website at:  www.lacitycollege.edu for all upcoming events.  I am happy to announce that the college will be holding a Winter session, scheduled to begin January 3, 2011.  I would like to say a special thank you to our students.  Thank you for your loyalty and commitment to the institution.  While we have encountered budgetary challenges that reduced course offerings and many changes in the implementation of our bond program you have remained with us through all the changes, limited resources, and tough decisions.  Please note that the students of LACC are our number one priority and on behalf of the faculty, staff, and administration we commend you.  As we get ready to celebrate the Holidays, I would like to share with you that I am thankful for the many blessings and accomplishments we all enjoy as a part of the LACC community.  Thank you for all you do to support the excellence of the college.  As the president of Los Angeles City College I commit to you that I will continue to work hard and in the best interest of the institution to sustain quality educational programs.   

Los Angeles City College Sits down with Councilman LaBonge
City Councilman Tom LaBonge an alumnus and long-time supporter of Los Angeles City College recently sat down with representatives from the college to discuss athletics and facilities.  ASO President, Jay Cortez, AFT President, Mattie Moon, Teamsters' President, Allison Jones, Student Services Vice President, Dr. Lawrence Bradford, Dr. Moore and Academic Senate President, Ken Sherwood all met with the Councilman.  The meeting focused on the College's decision not to change its facilities master plan to eliminate the planned Student Union in favor of building a second athletic field on the site of the golf driving range.
The councilman's office received several inquiries regarding the athletics program at LACC which, has been "temporarily suspended," as a result of the college's continuing deficit.  The representatives articulated to the councilman that the college still has a thriving physical education department.  Councilman LaBonge had requested that the LACCD Board of Trustees consider altering the college's master plan to include an additional field.  Associated Students President Cortez explained that the ASO unanimously supports the existing master plan because it will serve the largest number of students possible and shared that the ASO Senate had passed a resolution to this effect. The rest of the delegation took turns laying out the important facts that led to the planning decisions currently in place including the following planned and under-construction facilities.                                                                                                                                                         

·         A new Health, Fitness, P.E. Building-complete with a new gymnasium, locker room, multi-purpose rooms, fitness center and new outdoor pool that will be breaking ground this fall

·         The modernization of the South Gym

·         The six new tennis courts in the area in question

We were happy to inform the councilman that upon completion of construction projects, Physical Education and Athletics will have a significant number of new facilities and additional space.  It was important for us to articulate to the councilman that this is a community college, designed to support the needs of the entire community, not just athletics/physical education.  All facilities decisions are made through a formal and well-established shared governance process on campus so it is not the decision of the college president but, that of a committee comprised of representatives from all the major stake holders on campus. This was insightful to councilman LaBonge and helped us to build a bridge of understanding regarding the needs and demands of the college and the reality of limited resources to meet that challenge.  Councilman LaBonge was excited to hear that our ASO and Office of Student Life are working closely with the Physical Education Department to roll out a new Intramural Sports program at LACC, which should be up and running this spring semester.  This will provide opportunities for the students of LACC to participate in athletics without draining college resources.  We closed out the meeting with a brief overview by Dr. Moore on her work with individuals from the community on fundraising for the Athletics program.  Currently, Dr. Moore is working with alumni Duke Russell and former LACC coach Phil Pote on funds to re-establish baseball at the college.  Councilman LaBonge was thrilled to hear that in the midst of the state's fiscal crisis, LACC is working to provide athletic opportunities for our students.



Dr. Kim Perry|Vice President

Academic Affairs 



Los Angeles City College joined several community colleges in becoming members of the Sustainability Education & Economic Kim PerryDevelopment (SEED) Center.  SEED is a leadership initiative and resource center created to provide strategic guidance to community colleges to assist them in creating and sustaining clean energy and green jobs.  Community colleges play a vital role in preparing an educated work force and green jobs are a part of that workforce.

As a member of SEED, LACC joins other colleges as a recognized leader in supporting the workforce development requirements for clean energy and the emerging green economy. As a member of SEED, LACC will receive information, national coordination and recognition for advancing green jobs, program development and implementation of those initiatives.  Additional information on SEED can be found at:  http://www.theseedcenter.org.



Paul Carlson|Vice President

Administrative Services


California State Budget remains a crisis

Paul CarlsonThe Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO), the Legislature's nonpartisan budget office has projected a $25 billion two-year budget gap for the state, with $6 billion in a shortfall in the current year and $19 billion in 2011-12.  A weak economic recovery and depressed state revenues indicate that the state budget crisis will be on-going for the next few years. The impact to California Community Colleges has forced campuses up and down the state  to turn away over 140,000 students, meaning our mission of access has been seriously compromised.  

LACC is no stranger to dealing with budget deficits. The campus made many sacrifices in order to ensure we adhered to our fiduciary responsibility and through the shared governance process balanced a $7.5 million deficit last year.  This year the college faces a $3.3 million deficit and the campus budget committee is working on ways to address the deficit with a goal of making cuts with as little impact to the students or the quality educational programs at LACC.  



Dr. Lawrence L. Bradford|VicePresident

Student ServicesLawrence Bradford


In my fall flex speech to the faculty on October 26, 2010, I spoke of the optimism I felt, in light of the huge fiscal challenge the Division of Student Services faced with the reductions in the categorical program funding and the fact that we were in the process of undertaking some initiatives aimed at improving student success.


I remain optimistic, although for the second consecutive year, State categorically funded programs such as CalWorks, the Child Development Center, OSS, EOP&S/CARE, Credit and Non-Credit Matriculation face the same funding dilemma presented in the past fiscal year as the preliminary allocations for these programs reflect funding at the 2009-2010 levels.


In a report to the Shared Governance Committee on December 6, 2010, I made the college aware that the categorically funded programs in Students Services would be hard pressed to get by with only $ 300,000 dollars of relief from the general fund; to be pooled among these programs. The categorical program with the greatest need is the OSS Program, as this program received a funding cut in excess of $250,000. Given these funding reductions, we have no choice but to reduce services, in order to maintain the programs.


The upside of the Student Services operating budget is that the Deans, Directors/Coordinators, and the Chair of Counseling have been able to manage with less, and have a lot to show for it. Some of the programs, activities, and outcomes we are proud of that occurred in the fall are:

·     We hired three outstanding counselors (two in General Counseling and another in OSS), a Learning Disability Specialist, and a Child Development Director. All five of these new faculty will make a significant contribution in the future success of our students.

·     We're proud to say that we are in the second year of serving hot meals to our kids in the Child Development Center.

·     The Veteran Success Institute (VSI) at LACC has been a lifeline for our veterans retuning home after tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.  The VSI has hosted many activities and workshops for these veterans, and veterans from Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War, along with academic and social activities to promote student engagement, retention, and fellowship. 

·     The Freshman Year Experience Program has been a resounding success. So much so, that it will be expanded to serve a larger student population. 

·     We are very proud of the success of the Foster and Kinship Program and the Guardian Scholars Program because both programs are not only serving the needs of a special student population, but training parents as well.  

There are so many more programs, activities, and outcomes we are proud of, that were achieved by, and continues to be achieved every day, by the hardworking Student Service Staff. Admissions, the Career Center, Counseling, Financial, EOP&S, OSS, the Transfer Center, Student Life, just to name few programs, serve students continuously. But I'd like to offer special recognition to the classified staff in the Student Services Division. The classified staff is on the frontline... ....everyday. And they have done a fantastic job in this fiscal environment!



Ken Sherwood  | Academic Senate President
Ralph Bunche Distinguished Professor of Speech Communication




LACC continues to prepare for the implementation of SB 1440 through multiple participatory avenues. Faculty have been encouraged to participate through the C-ID project (www.C-ID.net). The Statewide Academic Senate and the State Chancellor's office areKen Sherwood asking faculty to represent their disciplines at meetings across the state to develop more Transfer Model Curricula (TMC) which will make more transfer degrees available to students by the Fall 2011 semester. Meanwhile, plans continue to bring SB 1440 author, Senator Alex Padilla and State Chancellor, Jack Scott to LACC for a Q&A on 1440 implementation.

SB 1440, commonly known as "The Transfer Bill", is the most significant piece of legislation to affect California Community Colleges in may years. It represents a great step forward in assisting students to transfer from community colleges to colleges in the California State University system. However, many questions remain regarding the implementation of this historic legislation and faculty participation is essential in making sure these degrees are designed in a manner that will truly benefit our students. Please continue to check your email for messages from the C-ID project, the ASCCC, and the LACCD for ways in which you can participate in this process.



Alex Davis|Dean
Economic Development and Workforce Education   


Alex DavisGoldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program

Los Angeles City College is preparing for its first graduation for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program on January 6th at LACC.  Twenty-four scholars,
who are successful business owners in the Greater Los Angeles area, have matriculated through a four month , 11 session, Business and Management Education program.  The sesssions consisted of business education curriculum developed in partnership with Babson College and other leading business schools, and taught by LACC faculty, local educators, and business experts.

The scholars also received integrated and comprehensive business support services, which included one-on-one business advising, customized loan and legal information sessions, and

referrals to additional business resources.  The scholars also participated in peer-to-peer learning with fellow CEOs, and had the opportunity to participate in LACC's student internship program with the CalWORKs Program. 

Joining in the January 2011 Graduation Celebration is Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, LACC Chancellor Dr. Daniel LaVista, LACCD Board of Trustees, Dr. Jamillah Moore, Goldman Sachs partners, LACC Foundation, LACC Management, Faculty, and Staff, and community partners and friends. As the 2010 Scholars return to participate in Alumni Services, LACC is actively recruiting new scholars for the February 2011 cohort.

Vocational Healthcare Bridge Program


The Hollywood WorkSource Center and Los Angeles City College have partnered on an Healthcare Vocational Bridge Program to assist unemployed job seekers in entering Career Ladder Healthcare Korean StudentsOccupations. Many of these unemployed workers have a strong work ethic, and want to enter the Healthcare Industry, but lack the necessary prerequisites to start training for these occupations. On December 17, 2010, the Healthcare Vocational Bridge Program at LACC graduated its first 100 students.


These students were supported by the Koreatown Senior Multipurpose Center, and overcame language barriers to successfully complete their program. They now have the necessary skills and education to start healthcare career training. Also, they all now have an In-Home Support Services credential, which allows them to start Korean Students 2providing patient care. The graduation was inspiring, with kind encouragement from LACC President Dr. Jamillah Moore, and their instructors, as well Dr. Phil Starr, Executive Director of the Hollywood WorkSource Center, the students were visibly moved as they realized just how much they have accomplished.


This program continues with another 100 community members, with training also preparing them for Healthcare Careers. A cohort of 60 graduates from this program will start the CNA training at LACC in January, 2011. This project was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act as administered by Community Development Department of the City of Los Angeles. This program's success is a model for assisting unemployed adults in entering the Healthcare Industry.


A very special "Thank You" goes out to the Workforce Readiness Academy: Nelines Colon-Paladini, Meredith Corso, Mireya Infante, Starr Shishikyan, Isabelle Barros, Lucy Bezyan, Margarit Keshishyan, Liz Watier, Fibi Soliman, and a host of others.


Dr. Edward Pai|Dean

Institutional Effectiveness


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness greeted the new academic year with great news - LACC, in partnership with West Los Angeles College, was awarded a Title V Cooperative Grant of $3.8 million for five

 Ed Pai years.  The grant, titled "Anytime, Anywhere Pathways to Success," will help LACC build systems to support the needs of our online and distance education students.  Specifically, the grant will build online student support services as well as an online liberal arts degree.  Our office is in the process of organizing the grants. 


On the SLO front, the college continues to make determined process on assessing and evaluating our SLOs. The college has identified SLOs for nearly 100% of our courses and assessed 22%. This is excellent progress, given that a little more than a year ago we had assessed a total of 4 courses. Almost all of these assessments are online in eLumen. Of course, we have 68% of our courses that need to be assessed, and all courses will need to process the assessment results into improvements in teaching and learning.


On the planning and research front, the College is currently undergoing a second round of program review and planning using our new, modular system of program review. The Planning, AUP and Curriculum modules have been issued (results due in late January) and the SLO, Student Success and Organizational Development modules will be issued in the Spring. The College's Sharepoint system is taking off, with much committee work being posted online; all of the Planning and Program Review materials are online. The Spring will see a launching of the Departments and Programs Sharepoint server, intended to provide "intranet"-style support to Academic and Student Services units.


Our Office has also been providing project management training for the Basic Skills Project Managers. We have been meeting every Friday to work on the funded Basic Skills projects; the first results of our efforts were the establishment of project goals and actions using the College's Online Planning Module and a presentation of those goals to the Student Success committee.  All of the work we have completed is available online on the Student Success Sharepoint. It's been a busy semester, but we are making great progress on increasing Student Success!  




Dr. Tammy Robinson|Chair

English Department 


The English/ESL Department is proud to acknowledge that we had our holiday party at the Rockwell, Thursday, December 9, 2010. We celebrated the end of our semester together with cheer. We also welcomed our newest member, Jack Raidon Nishimura. He is the son of Jeffrey Nishimura, English faculty. Jack is our newest superstar.
The department was awarded $25,000.00 for studentTammy Robinson tutors for the 2010-2011 academic year. We thank the ASO for their help and it will really help our Writing Centers. Additionally, we were awarded another $26,000 in Basic Skills money for our ESL tutors. We thank the committee for their help with that. The department is working very hard to continue to serve the students by providing much needed support to the students of LACC.

We also welcome two new faculty members to our line up, Daniel Ruiz, English and Dr. Lane Igoudin, ESL. They are excellent additions and we welcome them to our department and the LACC family. Have a great holiday season all and a wonderful new decade!

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