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The ETUDES-NG Portal is located at
Access to classes is determined by semester start date and/or instructor preference. Student user IDs and initial passwords are automatically generated.

Your unique username is:

*First two letters of your first name, plus the
*First two letters of your last name, plus the
*Last five digits of your NEW student identification number.
Your password is: * The Month and Day of your birthday, as given in the school records, with the format MMDD
This password information applies to students accessing Etudes for the first time. Changes you make to your account, including your password, will persist to new semesters.

Your instructor can answer your "course specific" questions; you can find your instructor's contact information on the campus directory. LACC Employee Directory.

Please visit the System Requirements link on the ETUDES-NG portal. This page contains detailed information and illustrated instructions on how to configure your computer to access the course site.

If you are able to log on to the system but cannot access your course, verify that you are on your instructor's ETUDES-NG site info roster. There are occasional delays between updates on the official roster and the student accounts on the Etudes site. The instructor will be able to tell you if you appear on this roster and the official username you should be using to log in.

For difficulties that cannot be resolved by your instructor or using the system requirements information pages contact

Heading: ETUDES-NG Tours
Each tour will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

For Tours 1- 5, you will need the Flash player plug-in to take these tours.
If you don't have the Flash player, you can download the free Flash player here.


Tutorials Courtesy of Sarah Phinney at Porterville College.