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IT Department

This page is provided by the IT department to answer some common questions.

For further technical information, call the IT Help Desk at extension 2049.

If you need training on using any of the LACC systems, contact the Staff and Organizational Development office at extension 2887.


Academic Network

  • An account in the Academic network is usually referred as a UIA account.
  • Only users that have Academic accounts can log onto the Academic network and to the wireless connection.
  • The Academic network is usually found in the computer labs.
  • If you have problems, ask the lab staff for assistance.
  • By using any of the computer resources at LACC, the user is accepting the LACC/LACCD policies and regulations.


    Student Accounts
  • Student accounts are automatically issued the day after enrolling for a class. As a courtesy, we also automatically create accounts for ITV students.
  • Student accounts are deleted at the end of each semester.
  • Student network and email usernames are one and the same, therefore the password is the same.
  • For more information on Student accounts, click here.


  • Each section has a distribution list (DL) to email all the students in the section.
  • Example: For section 1585, its DL is 1585@email2.lacitycollege.edu


    Employee Accounts
  • Faculty accounts are automatically issued the day after an assignment is in the system. As a courtesy, we also automatically create accounts for ITV faculty.
  • Staff accounts are created by request from your supervisor to IT.
  • To logon to a computer in the Academic network, use your Academic username and password.
    Make sure that the "Log on to" box shows "LACC_UIA". If not, click on the down arrow to select it.
    If the "Log on to" box is not visible, click on the "Options" button to see it.

    [XP Logon window]


UIA - Employee Accounts
To See Your Default Username and Password,