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IT Department

For technical support, please submit a work request via the LACCD Portal.

If you need training on using any of the LACC systems, contact the Teaching Learning Center (TLC) office at extension 2480.


Academic Network

  • An account in the Academic network is usually referred as a UIA account.
  • Only users that have Academic accounts can log onto the Academic network and to the wireless connection.
  • The Academic network is usually found in the computer labs.
  • If you have problems, ask the lab staff for assistance.
  • By using any of the computer resources at LACC, the user is accepting the LACC/LACCD policies and regulations.


    Student Accounts
  • Student accounts are automatically issued the day after enrolling for a class. As a courtesy, we also automatically create accounts for ITV students.
  • Student accounts are deleted at the end of each semester.
  • Student network and email usernames are one and the same, therefore the password is the same.
  • For more information on Student accounts, click here.


  • Each section has a distribution list (DL) to email all the students in the section.
  • Example: For section 1585, its DL is 1585@email2.lacitycollege.edu


    Employee Accounts
  • Faculty accounts are automatically issued the day after an assignment is in the system. As a courtesy, we also automatically create accounts for ITV faculty.
  • Staff accounts are created by request from your supervisor to IT.
  • To logon to a computer in the Academic network, use your Academic username and password.
    Make sure that the "Log on to" box shows "LACC_UIA". If not, click on the down arrow to select it.
    If the "Log on to" box is not visible, click on the "Options" button to see it.

    [XP Logon window]


UIA - Employee Accounts
To See Your Default Username and Password,