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If you need training on using any of the LACC systems, contact the Teaching Learning Center (TLC) office at extension 2480.



(The information below has been provided by the Plant Facilities office)
  • Only authorized vehicles displaying a current LACC (or LACCD) parking permit can park at
    LACC parking lots.
  • The vehicle must display the LACC parking permit in the lower left corner of the windshield.
  • Vehicles not properly displaying a current permit will be cited.
  • To enter into the parking lot put your LACC Employee ID close to card sensor for it to read the parking access.
  • LACC parking permit users that also have California Handicap permits can use the Heliotrope gate by using the intercom to request the gate to be openned.
  • If you have problems about parking or for further information, go to the Plant Facilities Office (Adm. 317 or Adm. 320A).

  • Note: The parking access number (located in the back of the Employee ID card) is different than the parking permit number (located on the parking permit sticker).
[Hand holding an ID card close to a sensor]

Parking Permits
There are at least two distinct permit distribution periods, one for full-time faculty and classified staff and one for adjunct/hourly or part-time staff. Pick up of permits and Cub Cards for evening and weekend employees will be arranged and notification will be posted. New parking information cards will need to be filled out at the beginning of the school year. Permits should be placed on the windshield (lower left hand side) or in a holder visible to the Sheriff Department personnel. Failure to properly display a parking permit may result in being ticketed/cited.

New Employees
Go to the Plant Facilities Office (Adm. 317 or Adm. 320A) to fill out a parking form, then to the Business Office to pay a $15 fee, ($11 non-refundable for the ID card and $4 refundable for parking) then return to Plant Facilities office with the receipt to receive the permit. (The employee should have proof of their assignment and car information before coming to fill out the form). If the employee has not yet received an employee number, he or she should return to the Plant Facilities office after it has been established to pick up their information card and take it to Student Assistance Center (Adm. 105) in order to receive their Cub card.

(No more than one initial permit is issued to an individual and student workers must purchase their parking permits from the business office. No exceptions)

Current Faculty and staff
Near the time your current permit expires, announcements as to the date, time and place to pick up new permits and new Cub Cards (if needed) will be posted. Bring in the Cub card and any new car(s) information to receive the new permit.

Lost or Stolen Permits/Cub Cards
If the permit or Cub card is lost or stolen, come to the Plant Facilities office to pick up the parking information card, take it to the Business office to pay the required fee(s). ($4 for the permit/$11 for the Cub card). Return to the Plant Facilities office and you will be directed where to obtain the replacement.

Break in Service (BIS)
If there is a break in service then the employee will fill out a parking form at the Plant Facilities office (no fee, with newer Cub card). The permit will be distributed and if necessary the employee will be directed to IT.

Departing Staff
Departing staff should obtain an Employee Clearance Form from the Personnel Office and use it to return all assigned school property. Keys and parking permits go to Plant Facilities, Cub Cards to IT, all other items are returned as designated on the form. You will be refunded your parking deposit and be directed where to receive it.