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For technical support, please submit a work request via the LACCD Portal.

If you need training on using any of the LACC systems, contact the Teaching Learning Center (TLC) office at extension 2480.


  • This page is only for Extension Recorders that need to record a message for a extension without a menu.


Extension Message

    Recording an Extension Message
  • Only one user, called the extension recorder, has access to record the extension message.
  • IT will inform the users the name of the Extension recorder.
    Extension Message Sample

    You have reached extension 2222 of the PACE Program. We are located in the Aministration building, office 212. We are open from ...


    Instructions for Extension Recorder
  1. Dial ext. 3000.
  2. When prompted for your ID, enter your voice mail number followed by the pound (#) key.
    (Do not enter the extension number you want to record a menu for).
  3. When prompted for your password, enter your voice mail password followed by the pound (#) key.
  4. When prompted for the call handler ID, enter the extension you want to record a menu for, followed by the pound (#) key.
  5. After successfully logon, you can choose from the following options.
    The only recording you need to do is the standard greeting (Press 2).
    • Press 1 to turn on alternate greeting.
    • Press 2 to change standard greeting.
    • Press 3 to change busy greeting.
    • Press 4 to change close greeting.
    • Press 5 to change internal greeting.
    • Press 6 to change alternate greeting.
    • Press the * (star) key 3-times to logout and exit.