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For technical support, please submit a work request via the LACCD Portal.

If you need training on using any of the LACC systems, contact the Teaching Learning Center (TLC) office at extension 2480.



The California Community College Consortium (CCCC) ETUDES project is a community of institutions and individuals, supporting web-based instruction and expanding educational opportunities to learners through ETUDES-NG (Next Generation).

At LACC, the Teaching Learning Center (TLC) coordinates all issues related with ETUDES.

IT can not setup or update any information related to ETUDES.
In case of any problems with ETUDES, the faculty member needs to talk with TLC.

Section Setup

Each faculty member is responsible for contacting the Teaching Learning Center (TLC) to request his/her section to be included in the ETUDES system.

The Teaching Learning Center will in turn request the District Office to start sending the section/enrollment information to the ETUDES system.

    Teaching Learning Center - Contact Person
  • Atkinson, Pamela.
  • Ext. 2480.
  • Office: AD 300
  • Email: atkinsps@lacitycollege.edu


Updating Student Enrollment

Assuming that the section is already in ETUDES, the enrollment for each section is updated automatically each night. If a student enrolls in an ETUDES section sometime during the day, his information will be in ETUDES the next morning.


Student Login

Even though the ETUDES student username and password follows the same pattern as the UIA accounts, they are not related.
  • First two letters of your first name, plus the
  • First two letters of your last name, plus the
  • Last five digits of your NEW student identification number
    Default password
  • The Month and Day of your birthday, as given in the school records, with the format MMDD



The ETUDES links are located in the LACC Web site, in the Main page under the link "Academic Programs".

LACC Etudes Portal

Etudes NG Portal