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Employee ID Card

  • In addition to identify the employee, the LACC Employee ID card is also used to:
    • Print/copy at the IMC office and other locations after adding value to the ID card.
    • Make copies at the Mail room after adding value to the ID card.
    • Enter to the assigned parking lots.
      (Read the Parking page for more information).
    • Enter to the Faculty lounge for faculty members.
  • Employee ID cards are issued by the IT department after the Plant Facilities office has provided the employee information to IT.
  • For new employees, the Employee ID card is issued together with the parking permit. Read the New Employees paragraph in the Parking page.
  • For current employees, whose ID card has been lost, stolen or damage, read the Lost or Stolen Permits/Cub Cards paragraph in the Parking page.
  • If the Employee ID card was issued damaged, read the Break in Service (BIS) paragraph in the Parking page.


    Information on the Employee ID
    The Employee ID contains the following information:
  • Employee's name.
  • Card Type (staff, faculty, ...).
  • Employee's department.
  • Parking access number (back of the card).
    The parking access number is different than the parking permit number located on the parking permit sticker.
  • Employee ID card policy (back of the card).


Policy on value
(Printed on back of ID card)
            " ...Stored value on lost or stolen card may not be replaced... "