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For technical support, please submit a work request via the LACCD Portal.

If you need training on using any of the LACC systems, contact the Teaching Learning Center (TLC) office at extension 2480.



  • If you are a LACC employee, your email account is created automatically.
  • For others, a request from your department head is needed using the Request for Employee Network/Email Account form.
  • Be aware that email storage size is 250 MBs per user. If you need to save your emails, call IT for help on archiving your emails.


To See Your Default Username and Password,


    Accessing Your Email
    There are two ways to access your email: via Web Access and Outlook. For most users, they both have the same functionality.

  • Web access: Go to the LACC Web site and click on "Faculty & Staff". Then, click on "Campus E-mail". Web access can be used from inside or outside campus. No configuration is needed.
  • iOS Setup: Setting up Exchange (E-mail) on iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

    Web Access

  1. At the "Campus E-mail" logon, enter your LACC username and password.

  2. In the security section, selecting public or shared computer will disconnect you after 15 minutes if you have not clicked anything on the email site.  If you select private computer, the system will disconnect you after 1 day.  Please make sure to sign out when you are done by clicking the "Sign Out" link on the top right of the window.

    [Outlook Web Access logon screen]

: Setting up Exchange (Email) on your iPod or iPad

Follow the instructions below in order to setup an Exchange ActiveSync account on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device.

Products Affected
iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Follow these steps to setup your Exchange ActiveSync (Email) account your iOS device:

1.        Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Microsoft Exchange.

2.        Enter the information in the fields below, then hit Next:

Description: Exchange settings

3.     Your iOS device will now try to locate your Exchange Server. If necessary, you will need to enter your front-end Exchange Server's complete address in the Server field. 

Description: Exchange settings

4.        Choose which content you would like to synchronize: Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. Tap Save when finished.

Description: Exchange settings

 Note: To modify your exchange settings, Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, select your Exchange account, and tap Account Info. 

Setting up Exchange (Email) on your Android device

Follow the instructions below in order to setup an Exchange ActiveSync account on your Android device.


1. Press Home home icon > Menu menu icon  > System settings > Accounts & sync.

2. Touch ADD ACCOUNT > Corporate.

3. Enter the Email address and Password information and then touch Next. Consult your network administrator for further details:

Email address: username@lacitycollege.edu

Password: your campus email access password (case-sensitive).

4. Enter the Username, Password, Server, and Domain information:

Verify your Username: username@lacitycollege.edu

Password: your campus email access password (case-sensitive).

Server: mail.lacitycollege.edu

Domain: lacc_mail

5. The network requires SSL encryption, therefore select the Use secure connection (SSL) check box and activate this additional level of security. Also select to Accept all SSL certificates check box.

6. Touch Next.

7. If the onscreen activation disclaimer is displayed, touch Next.

8. Configure your Inbox checking frequency, Days to sync (days to synchronize between your phone and server), and activate any other email settings, then touch Next.


Note: Signal interruptions or incorrect user name or password information can cause completion issues.


9. Identify your new account with a unique name such as LACC Mail and touch Next.


Note: You can have multiple corporate email (Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync) accounts active on your device.

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