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IT Department

For technical support, please submit a work request via the LACCD Portal.

If you need training on using any of the LACC systems, contact the Teaching Learning Center (TLC) office at extension 2480.


DEC Password

  • The DEC username and password is used for DEC, Instructor System Web site and Workforce Development Web site.
  • Your DEC username and password are automatically issued by the LACCD District Office and they could be different from your LACC username and password.
  • To change your DEC password, use the instructions below.
  • To reset your DEC password to your default password, call IT Help Desk at extension 2049.
  • Faculty and staff can change their DEC password by logging into the “Faculty Services - Instructor System” on the LACCD Web site.


    Changing DEC Password
  • Go to the LACCD Web site (WWW.LACCD.EDU).
  • Click on "Faculty & Staff", then click on “Faculty Services - Instructor System”.
  • If Faculty, click on the Instructor System button. If staff, click on the Administrative System button.
    [Instructor System and Administrative System options]
  • Log in using your DEC username and password.
  • Click “Change Password”.
  • When done, remember to sign off.