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Congratulations, you are now a probationary (fulltime, tenure track) faculty

1.         Plan a visit to campus well before your first semester begins.  The campus address is 888 N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Click here for area map/direction.

            Click here for campus map.

            For the very first visit, you can park on the street, use meter parking on Heliotrope Dr (no parking on Wednesday, 11am-2pm, street cleaning), or contact me, Mickey Hong, Staff & Organizational Development coordinator, (JH 210) (323) 953-4000, ext. 2378 in advance and I can mail you a temporary parking permit.

            The campus is currently building and remodeling so here is our temporary parking area.

            Our campus is conveniently located next to the Metro Redline station (Vermont & Santa Monica). Plan your trip on

2.         Contact Vicky Chann, Senior Personnel Assistant,,  (AD 213), ext. 2163, to schedule a time to pick up and go over your personnel processing packet. Bring your Letter of Assignment signed by the Academic Affairs VP, driver License and/or passport, visa, if any, and Social Security card.

The packet is extensive, including forms for fingerprinting, physical exam, and T.B. test. Please fill out completely and provide all documents.

Fingerprinting service is available at the campus Sheriff’s Department (AD 110), ext. 4311. Call to make an appointment.

3.         Check out the contract between the LA Community College District Los Angeles College and Faculty Guild, Local 1521, CFT/AFT, AFT/CIO. Click “Contract” on the left sidebar.

4.         Contact your department chair by phone or email and make an appointment for a campus visit.

The list of Academic Programs and the current department chairs, their phone extensions, their office location is available on Academic Programs.

Look up the chair’s email address on the Employee Directory.

5.         Find out which courses you will be teaching for the immediate semester and obtain Course Outlines for those courses. They are available for reference at the Course Outline Archive (AD 208C). Your syllabus should be in sync with the department guidelines.

6.         Request office area, key(s), and mailbox key. You will be assigned a mailbox in the Mailroom, (AD 101). Your chair needs to fill out the Key Issue card and return to Physical Plant, AD 317 and request a mailbox from Administration office (AD 218).           

7.         Check to see if all of your textbooks have been ordered at Books N’ More, the LACC Bookstore. Purchase desk copies from the bookstore if you do not already have one. The bookstore personnel will explain how you can order one directly from the publisher or be reimbursed for the copies that you purchase. You may want to contact the publishers of your books to acquire any supplemental accompaniments for your texts.

8.         You need to bring your letter of assignment (or hire) your employee ID card aka Cub Card (which is also your copy card and faculty & staff parking access card).  Check out the Informational Technology department website and carefully read the IT OVERVIEW and these topics: Email; Employee ID Card; ETUDES; Faxes; LACC Websites; Manuals; Network Logon; Parking; Academic Network; Roster & Grades; Software; Telephone Directory; Telephone; and Voice Mail.

9.         The employee should have a proof of their assignment and car information before coming to fill out the parking form. Go to the Physical Plant office (AD 317), fill out a parking form, then go to the Business Office (AD 111) to pay a $15 fee, ($4 of which is refundable). Return to Physical Plant office with the receipt to receive the permit. If the employee has not yet received an employee number, he or she should return to the Plant Facilities office after it has been established to pick up their information card and take it to the Cub Card office (AD 105) in order to receive their Cub card.

10.        You need to return to campus at a later date and submit your completed personnel processing packet and documents.  Make sure you go over it with Vicky Chann so that there is nothing missing.

11.        PLEASE be patient until your paperwork is filed at the district (usually takes several weeks to a month) and you receive finally receive your employee number.   

12.        Schedule another meeting with your department chair.  S/he can now fill out Request for Employee Network/Email Account form online so that you can get your own email account.  Please read about “Email” on the IT department website.  Also request a signed Reprographics Cub Card Recharge form which you can take to the Instructional Multimedia Center (IMC)-AV and Reprographics (LRC 208).  Your Cub Card will be credited to use the copiers on campus and each copy is $0.04. 

When the IMC is closed, you can still access the copy center through FH 107C with your faculty key.

13.        You may want to go see Pamela Atkinson, Faculty Technical Support,, at the Teaching Learning Center (FH 106), ext 2480. to preview some of the services that are offered to the faculty and inquire about setting up Web CT for your classes.

14.        LACC has an excellent Rideshare program.  If you decide to commute to campus by walking, bike, carpool, or MTA transportation, please go see the Rideshare Coordinator (AD 317).

15.        Familiarize yourself with the Class Records cards, forms, and rosters.  All 9 LA Community College District colleges use the same documents.  The most important are the following:

            Census Roster

            WSCH Exclusion Roster

            Multipurpose Roster

            Also, re-read everything on the Roster and Grades topic on the IT department webpage.

16.        Go through the Checklist.  If anything is still unclear, contact Mickey Hong,

17.        Get ready for New Faculty Academy orientation a few weeks before your first fall semester starts.

Print version of the above is available here (MS Word)

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