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 Forms & Guides


Flex Overview and Requirements 2007-2008 (MS Word)

Flex Guidelines. Answers most of your questions.


Flex FAQ and Tracking Sheet (MS Word)

Simplified version of the Flex Overview and Requirements.  Also includes a handy sheet for calculating your Flex obligation and keeping track of your own Flex hour credits.


Flex Report and Evaluation Form (MS Word)


Individual Project Proposal (MS Word)

Have something valuable to share?  Want to create something new?


Conference Attendance Request Form

(MS Word)

A. Contract or regular (fulltime) faculty or adjunct (parttime) faculty with seniority follow the guide below.


B. Classified staff, follow the guide below.


C. If you are either A or B and attending a technology related conference, follow the guide below.


The (Hopefully) Painless Guide on How to Request Conference Attendance and Receive your Reimbursement (PDF)

Read, read again and memorize by heart.


Report on Conference Attendance (MS Word)

Want to share what you learned from the conference you attended?


Mileage Claim Form (MS Word)

If you are driving to a conference, fill this form out and attach to your Conference Attendance Request Form.  Current reimbursement rate is $0.485 per mile.


Expense Claim Form (MS Word)

In case you forgot the one that was attached to your approved Conference Attendance Request Form.  Please fill out, attach original receipts (keep copy for record), and submit to President's Office (AD 214).


Faculty (Certificated Staff) Tuition Reimbursement Form (MS Excel)

Fill out this form, attach all receipts, proofs of registration, course completion, etc. and MAIL TO THE PROFESSIONAL GROWTH COMMITTEE Chair, Dr. Genevieve Patthey-Chavez.


Staff (Classified Staff) Tuition Reimbursement Form (PDF)

You can type the form online and print but CANNOT save. Fill out this form, print on green paper, attach all receipts, proof of registration, course completion, etc. and MAIL TO THE DISTRICT OFFICE.


Absence Certification Form (MS Word)

Were you absent on Mandatory Flex Day?  Fill out this form, submit it to Personnel Office (AD 213), and a copy to us (JH 210).


LACC Rank Policy (NEW) (PDF)


Application for Adjunct Rank (NEW) (PDF)




Route 29 (PDF)

LACC Staff & Organization Development Committee's newsletter.


Winter 2007 Special Issue on Student Success (Coming Soon)


Fall 2006


Staff & Organizational Development Survey Report, Spring 2007 (PDF)






Education Articles Provided by the System Office of the California Community Colleges

The CCC Chancellor's Office sends interesting, education-related articles to us each week. Access them by clicking above and learn how other colleges meet their challenges.


AFT 1521 Adjunct Survival Guide 2005 (PDF)


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LACC Emergency Procedures


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LACCD Wellness Program Newsletter (PDF)


December 2007


November 2007


October 2007


September 2007


Horizon Health LACCD Employee Assistance Program Quarterly Newsletters and Wellness Articles

Available in PDF at the LACCD website.  Click above.


For more information on Horizon Health LACCD EAP, contact EAP Coordinator Lenore Saunders, ext. 2094,


Health Benefits Quarterly: The LACCD JLMBC (Joint Labor/Management Benefits Committee) Newsletter

Available in PDF at the LACCD website.  Click above.