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The Purpose of the Initiative

 The Basic Skills Professional Development Initiative—Academic Fundamentals is being proposed out of the need to provide basic skills, and by extension English as a Second Language (ESL), education to students underprepared for college-level work, including those unable to pass the California High School Exit Exam; address the unmet needs of the California Community College System in the area of basic skills education as noted in the 2006 System Office Strategic Plan; and attend to the professional development needs of community college faculty as they seek to provide basic skills courses/programs in their efforts to ensure student succeed. This Initiative provides statewide training and support to address the professional development needs of community college administrators, faculty, and staff in the areas of basic skills and ESL instruction and will jointly address both credit and noncredit instruction as they apply to the broad basic skills area, including appropriate English, mathematics, reading, writing and ESL instruction.

 To provide the foundation to develop this training, Foothill-De Anza Community College District will contract with the Academic Senate and the Center for Student Success to create resource materials for use at the colleges. Colleges will begin with a self-assessment tool that helps to identify strengths and weaknesses in basic skills instruction. With the results of the self-assessment in hand, colleges can turn to materials that outline the general principles and processes that work to help ensure student success in basic skills success courses. Colleges will be provided with a “menu-based” approach of course sequences and other institutional improvements to address the unique needs of their students, faculty, and instructional programming. In addition, colleges will be apprised of available “alternative” career-related math and English courses to meet the upcoming graduation requirements (e.g., math for health careers instead of Intermediate Algebra).

(from the California Community Colleges Basic Skills Initiative webpage)

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