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The college president and resources are non-voting members of SGC.  The SGC will be composed of (20) twenty voting representatives from the following constituencies.2

CONSTITUENCY:                                                                  FACULTY
REPRESENTATIVES:                                                                9
President, Academic Senate                                                            1
Chair, Academic Senate Curriculum Committee                               1
Chair, Academic Senate
Educational Planning Committee                                                      1
Chair, Department Chairs Caucus                                                    1
President, L.A. College Faculty Guild,, 1521                                   1
Chair, AFT Work Environment Committee                                      1
Appointed Representative,
                L.A. College Faculty Guild, 1521                                     2
Chair, Staff & Organizational
Development Committee                                                                  1


CONSTITUIENCY:                                                 CLASSIFIED STAFF
REPRESENTATIVES:                                                                  4
Chapter Chair, AFT Classified Staff Guild                                          1
Appointed Representatives
                Building and Trades                                                           1
Appointed Representative
                Local 99                                                                           1
Appointed Representative
                Local 347/SIEU                                                                1


CONSTITUIENCY:                                                                 STUDENTS
REPRESENTATIVES:                                                                  2
President, Associated Student Body Government                               1
Vice President Assoc. Student Body Government                              1


CONSTITUIENCY:                                                 ADMINISTRATION
REPRESENTATIVES:                                                               5
Vice President, Academic Affairs                                                    1
Vice President, Administrative Services                                           1
Vice President, Student Services                                                     1
Teamsters, Chapter Chair                                                               1
Representative, Administration                                                        1

Resources (non-voting members)                                                5
Dean, Academic Planning and Research                                           1
Chair, Student Learning Outcomes Taskforce                                   1
Chair, Prop. A/AA Committee                                                         1
Secretary, SGC                                                                               1
Co-Chair, IT Committee                                                                  1


Beginning each fiscal year, one member from SGC will be elected as chair for that year.  The chair’s position can be renewed at the discretion of the SGC.  The chair will preside over meetings of the SGC and also be responsible for preparing the agenda for meetings and keeping the record of proceedings for the year and sending out SGC communication.

The SGC will meet at least once each month to discuss campus issues and make recommendations on these issues to the college president.  A non-administrative chair will receive 0.2 reassign time or the hourly equivalent for these responsibilities.

1 See attached schematic for structural configuration of participating bodies at LACC.
2 When a representative holds two positions named above, the individual will identify which position he/she elects to represent and will appoint a designee to the second position.


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