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In order to carry out the mandates of shared governance, the college president shall establish and maintain a Shared Governance Council whose members will represent the views of the campus constituencies. The charge of the SGC is to develop recommendations to the college president on policies and procedures which affect the campus.  The SGC is a deliberative body that sets the institutional agenda for the college and monitors the college’s progress toward achieving its goals.

Meets the 1st Monday of each month

The SGC Recommendation-Making Process

The SGC functions as the college’s deliberative council.  The SGC arrives at shared decisions in a collaborative manner.  Its process for making recommendations clarifies and organizes the shared governance structure so that planning and budget are coordinated and actions are based on this coordination as they relate directly to the college’s stated goals and objectives.
All planning is instituted through a representative, coordinated process that is designed to function in a collegial manner.  The chair of SGC works closely with the college president to insure that all campus constituencies (faculty, classified staff, students, and administration) are involved in the institutional planning process.  Members of SGC take information back to their respective constituencies.  Information and proposals are received from college-wide planning and standing committees.  In addition, members of the college community may submit proposals to the SGC Chair in advance for placement on the agenda.  SGC reviews all proposals and makes recommendations to the college president for final approval.

Every effort will be made to reach consensus on proposed actions.  In absence of consensus, a simple majority of the assembled voting members of the SGC will be required to send a recommendation to the college president.  A quorum exists when ¾’s (3) of the constituencies represented and 2/3’s (19) of the voting members are present.  When a vote is taken, it will be a roll call vote, except in case of the election of a chair or an objection.  The college president will evaluate the recommendation and return the recommendation form to the SGC with either his/her acceptance or rejection.  All actions of the SGC will be reported to the college community.

The SGC will be prohibited from undermining the authority of the unions on matters within the scope of collective bargaining and from interfering with the role of the Academic Senate as the authoritative voice of the faculty on academic and professional matters.


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