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Travel and Conference Attendance Forms

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Mileage Expense Claim
Travel Expense Claim
Conference Attendance Request

Report on Conference Attendance

Payroll & Academic Year Calendars [PDF]

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2012-2013 Academic Calendar
2012-2013 Payroll Calendar
2012-2015 Academic Year Calendars (15 week, C, D, & M Basis)
2010- 2011 Payroll Calendar
2011- 2012 Payroll Calendar
Academic Calendar 2010 - 2011
Academic Calendar 2011- 2012
2011- 2012 Academic Year: C-Basis (non-classroom)
2011- 2012 Academic Year: D-Basis
2011- 2012 Academic Year: 15 Week

Master List of Online Forms

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Mileage Expense Claim
Revolving Fund Reimbursement Request
Request For Check
Journal Voucher
Request for Warrant
Travel Guidelines - LACC Checklist

Budget Office
Budget Transfers Authorization
Annual Unit Plan/Request for Funds 2008-2009

Business Office
Request for Warrant
Demand for Payment

Foundation Office
New Account Application
Request For Check
Award Creation Form
Scholarship Creation Form
Good & Welfare Application
Endowment Application
Scholarship Award Approval 

Administrative Services/Purchasing
Vendor Information
Purchase Request
Use this form to request supplies, equipment, printing, transportation, subscriptions, royalty fees, membership dues, inspection fees, license fees, advertising,
& requests for warrants (payable to companies only).
Guidelines for Supplies and Equipment
Request for Contract
Catering Services
Business Card Request
Campus Activity Request
Create Vendor Form
Donation or Loan of Educational Materials Form
Duplicate Warrant Affidavit
Request for Warrant to Pay Outside Vendor

Payroll Office
Absence Certification Request
Exception Time Report 2012-13
Exception Time Report 2006-7
Exception Time Report 2007-8
Exception Time Report 2009-10
Hourly Time Sheet
Overtime Request and Report
Payroll Calendar 2007-8
Payroll Calendar 2008-9
Payroll Calendar 2009-10

Personnel Office
Academic Selection Unit
Application for Academic Position
Application for Administrative Position
Campus Interview Committee Evaluation
Classified Staffing Request
Classified Hiring Request
Clearance Form - Classified
Clearance Form - Faculty
Interview Request
New Probationary Position Application
Performance Evaluation for Permanent Classified Employees
(Unit 1)
Performance Evaluation for Permanent Classified Employees
(Local 99)
Performance Evaluation for Probationary Classified Employees
(Unit 1)
Performance Evaluation
Probationary Position Prioritization Application
Referral for Treatment of Occupational Injury or Illness
Report of Convictions
Resignation/Retirement Form
Request for Informal Leave or Vacation
Request to Assign Professional Expert or Community Representative
Statement of Availability
(Day to Day)
Suggestions for Applicant Referees
Supervisor's Report of Employee Injury or Illness

Physical Plant
Consultant Proposal
Facilities Order Form
(pg1 and pg2)
Facilities Order Form Process
Consultant Proposal
General Conditions Document
Intent to Award
Key Issue
Professional Liability Endorsement
Short Form Contract
Short Form Contract

Equipment Replacement/Disposal
Supply Purchase Instructions
Supply Purchase Request Form
Supply Requisition Form

Rideshare Program
Transit Subsidy Application
Rideshare Program Information
Go to Plant Facilities Office for Rideshare Information and for Rideshare Claim Forms and “Birthday Off” Forms.

Staff and Organizational Development Office
Tuition Reimbursement Application
Conference or Activity Attendance
Mileage Expense Claim
Travel Expense Claim
Travel Guidelines - LACC Checklist

IT Department
DEC Access
SAP User Authorization Request Form
Network Access Request for Personal Computer
Request for Employee Network/E-mail Account
Request for Alarm Code
Employee Departing Checklist
Reprographics Cub Card Recharge Form