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This page is maintained as a centerpoint for the activities and communications of the Los Angeles City College Technology Steering Committee, a subcommittee of the Shared Governance Committee. Send items and articles to Vaughn Obern, Chair

Vision Statement

Los Angeles City College empowers and supports the college community in the effective use of instructional and information technologies.

Mission Statement

LACC's mission for technology is to provide

Members of the Technology Steering Subcommittee, 2008-2009
Vaughn Obern, Cinema, Film and TV, Co-Chair
Pamela Atkinson, Teaching Learning Center, Co-Chair
Anna Badalyan, Institutional Effectiveness
Kathleen Beaufait, AFT
Christine Park, Coordinator, Staff & Organizational Development
Evan Kendall, English/ESL
Kelvin Luong, Office of Special Services
Juan Mendoza, Manager, College Information Systems
Dorothy Fuhrmann, Library
Peter Michaels, IT Staff
Ken Sherwood, Academic Senate President
Amy Sirott, CAOT
Andrea Smith, OSS
Clinton Wolf, Student Services
ASO Student (to be assigned)

Announcements and Bulletins


SGC-Technology Steering Committee Purpose 11/03/08
LACC Strategic Plan for Technology 2009-2013
Review of 2003-2008 Plan

Instructional Technology Plan 03-08
Goals and Objectives: Implementation Matrix
Technology Resources, Policies & Guidelines
A Quick Guide to LACC's Technology Policies & Guidelines
Los Angeles City College Web Content Policy

Technology Steering Committee meeting notes

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