Curriculum Information

The following is a collection of the LACC curriculum forms. Right click on one of the links below and choose "save as" to download the form to your computer.

CombinedCourseOutlineRev03/09.doc - New courses and Title 5 updates

Course Archive Request FormRev 9-26-03.doc

Course Change Request Form -- New Revis 03-06-08.doc

New Certificate-less Than 18 units.doc

Title 5 Curriculum Course Outline Checklist 03/19/08

Curriculum New Course Outline Checklist 03-19-08

Curriculum conflict resolution process Sp 06.doc

Distance Ed Form - 05/2009


Exit Skills for English21 28 101 47 67.doc

Exit Skills for ESL1 6 A, B, C.doc

Scholars Section Addendum Form.doc

newcourseAnnouncement.doc 02/06/2007

Non-Credit Course Outline.doc

Stand alone.doc

Standard Module Request Form 11/22/06

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