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Educational Vision —Change for the Future 2009-2012

Access and Equity

Goal 1:  Ensure that all students are aware of support services available to them at LACC, including academic counseling, financial aid advice, strategic learning skills, tutoring services, library services, appropriate accommodations, and all other necessary support services.

Goal 2:  Monitor evidence of success for all students.


Program Development

Goal 3:  Develop, coordinate, and deliver instructional programs tailored to meet the needs of our prime constituencies

  • Essential Skills Instruction
  • Transfer Readiness
  • Workforce Education
  • Career and Technical Education Programs
  • Outreach
  • Distance Education
  • Satellite Locations

Academic Accountability

Goal 4:  Enhance the quality of learning in all academic programs to help students achieve their personal educational goals

Goal 5: Effectively use outcomes assessment data to improve the learning and achievement opportunities for students.

Instructional Support

Goal 6:  Expand the effective use of information technology with classroom instruction across the curriculum

Goal 7:  Coordinate instructional support for the classroom with construction, renovation, and maintenance

Goal 8:  Refine the college’s curriculum development, class scheduling, and publication processes

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