LACC College Citizens Bond Oversight Committee

Bond Oversight Committee Webpage

The LACC College Citizens Bond Oversight Committee meets every three (3) months in the President's Conference Room.

The Committee consists of the following members:
     ReneĆ© Martinez, LACC President
     John Freitas, LACC Academic Senate President (non-voting)
     Dr. John al-Amin, LACC VP Administrative Services
     Robert Schwartz, LACC Foundation Executive Director
     Marvin Hoffman, LACC Foundation Board Chairman
     Chris Dunne, Harris & Associates (non-voting)
     David Bell, Community Representative
     Nicole Janelle Shahenian, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
     Robert Pollyea, LACC Emeriti Association
     Kurt Tennyson, LACC Dental Tech Advisory Council
     Shana Won, Business Representative
     Jwyanza Hobson, ASG President
     David Ambroz, Director of Corporate Citizenship & Social Responsibility

Click on the links below to access minutes of the Committee meetings:

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Also, visit the Bond Steering Committee Website.