TAP Card Alternative !

Please note that the TAP card program (Metro’s transit access pass) has been discontinued due to lack of funding. The Business Office will not be selling TAP cards for the Fall Semester or the foreseeable future, however there is an alternative:  Metro is currently offering a discounted monthly pass to students for $36.00 per month.  You can purchase the student pass from Metro either through their mail or at any Metro Customer Center.  More information can be found at www.metro.net/around/fares  (click on the “Reduced Fares” tab).  To be eligible for the student discount pass, you must complete the Metro application, pay the one-time $1.00 application fee, provide a picture ID, and provide proof that you are enrolled in a minimum of 12 units.  The Business Office can provide students a “registration receipt” which will serve as proof of enrollment.  The Metro application is available on their website or you may pick one up at the Business Office.  Note that your old TAP card will revert to a full-fare card thus it will still function, but it cannot be used for your new student pass.  Upon meeting all of Metro’s requirements, you will be issued a new card for your discount student pass and it will be re-loadable monthly.