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Reimbursement Requests:

The Business Office has a Revolving Fund process for all reimbursements under $250. 
(See Revolving Fund Reimbursement request form.)  All expenditures require the
following documentation:

       •      Date

       •      Name of vendor

       •      Positive evidence that a payment was made (i.e., purchase receipt,
cash register receipt, credit card statement,  bank statement, or invoice
showing “paid.”)  

       •      The amount paid

       •      A description of the goods purchased (entered by the vendor if a hand-written receipt is obtained or by the purchaser if a cash register tape is issued)

        •      Authorized signature(s) approving the expenditure
        •      An explanation  justifying the relevance of each purchased item
It is the responsibility of the requestor to ensure that any necessary budget transfers are executed to ensure that funds are available.  The Business Office reserves the right to deny reimbursement for non-allowable expenditures.
Please note that if the total of all transactions is over $250, it is necessary to follow the Contract Request process which is managed by Mayra Zelaya in Administrative Services.