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Accreditation: Institutional Improvement for Student Success

Click here to see Frequently Asked Questions about LACC's Accreditation Status

The next Forum is scheduled for December 16th, 12:30 PM at the Faculty & Staff Center. All are invited to participate.

Read the first draft of our Accreditation Follow Up Report (Nov 5 draft).

Accreditation Forum Schedule 

  • Wednesday December 16, Focus:  Draft of Follow-Up Report
  • Wednesday February 10, Focus:  Draft of Follow-up Report
  • Wednesday March 3, Focus:  Final forum prior to Board Approval
  • All Forums are at 12:30 P.M. at the Faculty and Staff Center

Accreditation Forum - November 9th Recap: Over 40 members of the LACC community participated in a discussion of the progress on Reommendations 1 and 4, in particular about how we will use program review to improve program practice. Here is a link to the presentation "Using Results to Close the Loop."

Accreditation Forum - October 7th Recap:  The forum scheduled for October 7th was well attended. Over 50 members of the LACC community learned about our efforts to address Recommendation 3. Professor Christine Park and Dean Alex Vaughn presented a recap of the Staff and Organizational Development committee's efforts to build  "robust" program.

Our second Forum on Accreditation on August 26th was attended by over 50 members of the LACC community. We heard a presentation on Recommendations 1 and 4, and engaged in a discussion of how the we can encourage more involvement by the entire LACC community. Here is a copy of the presentation:

Our first Town Hall Meeting on July 16th was a great success; nearly 100 members of the LACC community participated. Here are the handouts from our first Town Hall Meeting:

Click here for the press release on ACCJC's recent action on LACC

Results of our Accreditation from the Evaluation Report:

LACC Commendations


1. The team commends the college for its commitment to sustainability and its plans to develop a state of the art energy management program.  The long-term plan for photo-voltaics on the new parking structure aims not only to get the college off the grid but also aims to sell energy, thereby generating income to help support maintenance of added square footage. 


2. The team commends the college for its sincere and substantive response to the 2003 recommendation that “administration, faculty, and staff renew their commitment to effective and timely communication.”  Documents and enthusiastic testimonials afforded evidence that great progress has been made not just in the transmission of information but also engagement in dialogue around important campus wide issues.  

LACC Recommendations


1. Program Review for Institutional Improvement

"In order to increase institutional effectiveness and meet standards, the team recommends that the college more systematically use the results of program/unit reviews to continually refine and improve program practices resulting in appropriate improvements in student achievement, learning, support services, and institutional processes. (I.B.1-7; II.A.2; II.B.4; II.C.2; III.B.2; III.C.2; III.D.3; IV.A.5)".

  • Lead: Mary Anne Des Vignes, Chair, Learning Skills and Edward Pai, Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Kalynda Webber, Matriculation; Joyce Moore, Academic Affairs; Carlos R. Guerrero, Social Sciences; Arax Cohen, Dental Tech


2. Staff Development

"In order to meet the standards, the team recommends that the college develop a robust and comprehensive professional development program to both enhance institutional effectiveness practices and promote institutional engagement by all employee groups. (I.B; III.A.2; III.A.5, IV.A.5)."

  • Lead: Christine Park, Coordinator, Staff Development
  • Alex Vaughn, Workforce Education; Vernon Bridges, Financial Aid; Christi O'Connor, Bookstore; Randy Anderson, Student Services

3. Institutional Engagement

"In order to increase institutional effectiveness, the team recommends that the college engage in succession planning to increase leadership capacity, institutional consistency, and employee involvement and engagement. (I.B; III.A.2; III.A.5; IV.A.5)."

  • Lead: Kim Perry, Vice President, Academic Affairs and Ken Sherwood, Academic Senate President
  • John Freitas, Chemistry & Earth Sciences; Aura Sburlan, Children's Center


4. Research

"To meet the standards, the team recommends that the college strengthen the research function in order to provide continuous and meaningful analysis of data and apply the finding to program improvement. (I.B.2-3; I.B.5-6; II.A.1.a; II.B.3.e; II.B.4; II.C.2; III.B.2; III.C.2; III.D.3)."

  • Lead: Edward Pai, Dean, Institutional Effectiveness and Anna Badalyan, College Researcher
  • Jeremy Villar, Student Services; Christy Passman, Administration; Betsy Manchester, Nursing; Tony Clark, Social Sciences


5. Student Learning Outcomes

"In order to meet Commission standards by 2012, the team recommends that the college fully implement the development and assessment of student learning outcomes at the course and program level and to use the assessment results for program improvement.  (Eligibility Requirement 10, Standards II.A.1.a; II.A.1.c; II.A.2; II.A.3; II.A.5; II.B.4; II.C.2; III.A.1.c)."

  • Lead: Patricia Schmolze, Coordinator, Student Learning Outcomes
  • LACC Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Department Representatives (a minimum of one per Department); Allison Jones, Dean, Academic Affairs/Curriculum Dean; William A. Marmolejo, Dean Student Enrollment; Earic Peters, Associate Dean of Student Life; Tammy Robinson, Chair English/ESL; Robin Robinson, Supervising Accounting Technician, Business Office; Student Representative TBA


District Recommendations


1. In order to improve, the post-retirement health liability should be carefully monitored for the potential fiscal ramifications that could arise over the next few years (III.D.1.c).


2.  In order to improve, both the district and the college need to evaluate the consistent adherence in practice to the recently developed delineation of operational responsibilities and functions (IV.B.3.a).


3. Develop and implement methods for the evaluation of role delineation and governance and decision-making structures and processes for the college and the district.  Widely communicate the results of the evaluation and use those results as the basis for improvement (IV.B.3.g).

Accreditation Documents

Accreditation Results (full report):

LACC Accreditation Self Study

LACC Accreditation Self Study Abstract

LACC Accreditation Site 2009

Reference Documents:

More About Accreditation:



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