Spring 2014 Archive

Fabrication Lab Student Orientation

Friday, March 21st, 1:00pm - 3:00pm in Sci208

Learn your way around the engineering fabrication laboratory, and get an introduction to soldering. Some of the resources available at the fabrication lab for you to use are: Mathematica (Computerized math calculation and visualization), LaTex (for writing lab reports with equations), SolidWorks (3D computer-aided drafting), PSPICE (electrical circuit simulator), Arduino (microprocessor programming in general), Soldering skills, Welding Skills, Model fabrication and Machining Skills.

RSVP not necessary. Just show up!


Time Management Workshop

Thursday, April 3rd, 12:30pm - 2:30pm in FH310 (note room change)

Do you struggle balancing school, work, and family? Do you experiment with different scheduling and motivation tools but find they come up short? How do you deal with procrastination or lack of focus? This workshop will give you the chance to assess your current skills for managing your time so that you can study effectively. It will include practical tips and further online resources. Participants will have the option to establish time management accountability with a partner or a STEM Academy staff member.

RSVP to Jocelyn at grafj@lacitycollege.edu


Computer-aided Design (CAD) and Computer-aided Manufacture (CAM) Workshop

Friday, April 18, 3:00pm - 5:00pm Room SCI/TECH 208 (note time change to accommodate Prof. Kiley's physics talk 1:30-2:30 SCI/TECH 111)

With Engineering/Physics Professor Jayesh Bhakta, Fabrication Lab supervisor Diego Santillan, and Learning Center Tutor Siara Fabri

SolidWorks is a 3D mechanical CAD program. HSMWorks converts the SolidWorks design to a format compatible with the machining equipment in the Engineering Fabrication Lab. This workshop will be a hands-on introduction to the SolidWorks and HSMWorks software. The presenters will also demonstrate the use of the CNC router. STEM Academy members will have an opportunity to obtain a copy of SolidWorks for their own computers. If you have a PC laptop, please bring it. (SolidWorks doesn't work on Mac or Linux computers.)


LaTeX Workshop

Friday, April 25, FH 106 2pm-4pm

With Physics Professor Derrick Kiley

This workshop will present an introduction to the typesetting program LaTeX, which is used professionally by scientists and mathematicians (among others) in the preparation of research papers. Examples will include basic formatting of a paper, entering equations and tables, as well as graphics and customizing templates. Upon completion, participants should be capable of writing a research paper, or lab report, as easily in LaTeX as in Microsoft Word.

Mathematica Workshop

Friday May 2, FH 106 11:30am-1:30pm

With Professor George Dekermenjian

Come learn some basic skills in a powerful software tool with applications to every area of math and science. This workshop will be very hands on, with participants trying each technique on their own computers as the presenter explains them.

Link to Professor Dekermenjian's talks on Mathematica


Transfer Advising Workshop

Friday, May 9, FH 304 2pm-4pm

With several LACC Academic Counselors

Would you like to learn more about your transfer options? To understand how the process of transferring from LACC to a four-year school works? Helen Leung, a transfer specialist from the LACC Academic Counseling Dept., will give a one-hour presentation on transfer, followed by small-group meetings by major with three academic counselors. (Please note that we are planning a specialized transfer workshop for biology majors for May 21 1:30pm-3:30pm together with the Biology Club. Biology majors are welcome to attend either workshop, though.)


Transfer Decision Lunch

Friday May 16, 12pm-2pm

If you have applied to transfer and have been accepted to one or more schools, or expect to be notified soon, please join Jocelyn Graf, Director of the STEM Academy, for lunch at noon on May 16 (location to be announced) to celebrate and informally discuss your transfer options. Jocelyn will provide information about visiting and choosing a school, looking for housing, budgeting, etc. Please RSVP to Jocelyn at grafj@lacitycollege.edu so that we can plan for the restaurant space. This event counts as a workshop and is only open to STEM Academy members who are in the transfer process.


Bioinformatics Workshop

Friday, May 16, 3pm-5pm, FH 106

With Professor Jamil Momand, California State University Los Angeles, Bioinformatics Minor Program

This workshop is limited to 25 people. RSVP to wohlerc@lacitycollege.edu to reserve a spot.

Did you know that you can earn a minor in bioinformatics at Cal State LA? Bioinformatics combines computer programming with knowledge of biology, chemistry, math and medicine. This workshop will introduce a few bioinformatics techniques to give you preview of what you will learn in the minor program. Explore bioinformatics software programs and DNA databases available through the internet, and use these tools to analyze compare genes and proteins. Learn how to pinpoint the exact location of a disease gene on a human chromosome. Find out how natural selection causes changes in our DNA--which leads to the evolution of new species. Manipulate a protein tumor suppressor structure to see, exactly, how mutations instigate cancers.

More info:

Slides for the workshop

Career and Transfer Planning for BIology Majors: A Workshop in Partnership with the LACC Biology Club

This workshop will take place in two halves, each during one Biology Club meeting time. Both STEM Academy members and Biology Club members are welcome to participate. No RSVP required. STEM Academy members will receive one workshop credit for attending both events.

Part 1: Wednesday May 21, 1:30pm-2:30pm, SCI/TECH 106

With Industry partner Maryn Cook

Careers in Bioscience: Beyond the Bedside
Have you thought about a career in bioscience beyond the bedside? From bioethics to immunology, and food science to forensic science, the biosciences represent a broad category of careers that are constantly changing to integrate the latest biological discoveries. This workshop will highlight the necessary educational paths to ten bioscience positions currently available in Southern California.

Part 2: Wednesday May 28, 1:30pm-2:30pm, SCI/TECH 106
With LACC academic counselors

Transferring in Biology and related majors

Academic counselors who specialize in STEM and transfer will present a workshop on what biology majors need to know about transferring to UC, CSU, private, and out-of-state schools. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.