How to Access STEM Resources

Learning Center (FH 304)

Hours: M-Th 10-6, F noon-5. Individual or group study. The tutoring hours will be similar, but not the same as the hours the room is unlocked. Calculators and textbooks will be available to use in the room only. Eating and drinking will not be allowed in the room. A quiet study room available next door (FH 306) when the Learning Center is busy.



Online signup will be available soon. For now, come to the Learning Center (FH 304) to sign up or just walk in. Tutors’ schedules will be posted on the door with which classes they cover. Show up 10 minutes early if your schedule allows. We need to collect some demographic data before your first tutoring appointment. Sign up for one or more 15-minute blocks. Online tutoring will be available soon, and will include weekend hours.

Tutoring available for: Math (Calc I and above), Chem 101, Bio 6/7, Calculus-based physics, C/C++ Programming, and possibly some engineering courses. Please note that not all classes are covered at all times.


Completing an educational plan

Make an appointment with Ed Bird Song, STEM Academy Academic Counselor, via email. (Online signup coming soon.) MUST be done this semester. Don’t put it off!


Course progress reports

You will be notified by email in a couple of weeks about how to do this.


Your portfolio

Each member will have a folder in the STEM Academy with portfolio content. You can also prepare this digitally and keep a backup with us. You can develop your portfolio in advance with Jocelyn to be ready for interviews and applications. It will contain a current resume, transcript, letters of recommendation, photos of your projects, etc.


Honors Program benefits

We still need to set this up. If someone has interest, let Jocelyn know.


Student Clubs

All STEM Academy members must join and participate in a student club. (If you can’t afford the $7 ASO fee, go ahead and join “unofficially” and participate in the meetings.) Here is a list of clubs available so far:

  • Biology: Professor Phommasaysy, student contact Saten Sarkissyan - every Wednesday at 2:00pm in SCI 103
  • Chemistry: Professor Boan (chemistry) – see Facebook page, every Thursday 3:30pm in SCI 305
  • Astronomy: Professor Arvidson (physics) - every Tuesday in SCI 208
  • Engineering: Professor Bhakta (engineering)
  • Physics: Professor Kiley (physics)
  • Electronics: Professor Bhakta (engineering)
  • Environmental engineering: Professor Dinh (chemistry)
  • Computer science: Professor Samplewala (computer science)
  • Society for Women Engineers: Professor Cuevas-Murray (engineering) available to advise
  • Math Club is not part of ASO, but counts as a STEM club for the STEM Academy. Meets 9:30-noon on Fridays. Must be enrolled in Calc 1 at least. They prepare to compete in the National Math Olympiad. However, they only accept new members in September. If you are not already a member, you need to join another club for this semester.
  • Info on setting up a new club with the ASO (this is an old link
  • We will get a report from each club faculty advisor on who is participating.


Enrichment workshops

Most on Friday afternoons. If you can’t do Fridays and want to be accommodated, please contact Jocelyn now so we can plan ahead. Topics already scheduled:

  • Soldering and Engineering Fabrication Lab introduction
  • Solidworks
  • LaTeX (2 workshops)
  • Drupal web development
  • Arduino programming
  • Topics from the Membership Plan form filled out during the orientation


Engineering Fabrication Lab (2nd floor of Sci Tech Building)

Note safety rules. Lab orientation scheduled March 21.


Talk with Jocelyn about any of the following (

  • Trouble with classes, with professors, with finances and other study needs, with any office or person on campus.
  • Difficulty meeting the requirements of the STEM Academy.
  • Help making a plan to study effectively.
  • Problems with procrastination, focusing, or test anxiety.
  • Planning for internships, summer research, or career.
  • If you are unsure about your major or choice of transfer school.
  • If you want to find an industry contact or connect with a professional organization.
  • If you want to search for scholarships.
  • If you need assistance writing an application essay or preparing other application documents.