Fall 2014 Archive

Resume Writing Workshop

Friday, September 19, 2:00pm - 4:00pm in FH106 (computer lab)

With STEM Academy Director Jocelyn Graf

Most students have at some point been required to write a resume, but advice on resume writing is often vague or contradictory, and an internet search will yield many poor example resumes. This workshop will explain the basic content of resumes for jobs and internships, including both academic and industry positions. Common errors and tips for job application success will be included. By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to craft a resume that will clearly and elegantly communicate their qualifications and experience.


 Fabrication Lab Student Orientation

Tuesday, September 23, noon - 2:00pm in Sci208

With Physics/Engineering Professor Jayesh Bhakta

Learn your way around the engineering fabrication laboratory and get safety training so that you can use the lab. Some of the skills you can learn at the fabrication lab for you to use are:  SolidWorks (3D computer-aided drafting), Arduino (microprocessor programming in general), soldering skills, welding skills, model fabrication, computer-aided manufacturing, 3D printing, and machining.


 UC Personal Statement Workshop

Friday, October 10, 2:00-4:00pm in FH-106

With LACC Community Services Manager Drew Yamanishi

This week's workshop leader, Drew Yamanishi, has over a decade of experience at LA high schools through LACC's Upward Bound Program advising students on how to navigate the complexities of the University of California (UC) transfer system and has served as an Admissions Officer for Michigan State University, and essay-reader for the Gates Millennium Scholarship in Washington D.C. In this workshop, he will present tips on the personal statement. Much of the advice should be applicable to application essays for other schools, scholarships, and summer research programs as well. This workshop will include time to work in the computer lab drafting or revising your own personal statement. Remember, completing a personal statement is a requirement to maintain your STEM Academy membership. This workshop gives you the opportunity to meet two requirements at once--one workshop plus the personal statement.


Beyond Memorization: Tips and Tricks for Understanding Chemistry

Friday, October 17, 12:30-2:30pm in FH-308

With CSULA Adjunct Professor of Chemistry and USC Staff Researcher Bikau Shukla

This week’s workshop leader, Dr. Shukla, has over a decade of experience teaching chemistry at colleges and universities both in the US and internationally. He is currently a Research Scientist at USC and teaching chemistry at California State University Los Angeles as an Adjunct Professor. He has interdisciplinary research experience in both chemistry and engineering, including working with the professor in Japan who discovered nanotubes.

Chemistry is an integral part of the materials of daily life and our understanding of the universe. Knowingly or unknowingly, everyone uses, thinks about, and experiences the effect of chemical reactions every moment. Of course, as there are more than 10 million chemical compounds and reactions, it is impossible to memorize them. In this workshop, Dr. Shukla will present some techniques that he has developed for easy understanding of chemistry and effective retention of the content over the long term. The tips and tricks will be applicable to general, physical, inorganic, organic and analytical chemistry.

Dr. Shukla will also leave time during the workshop to discuss how to pursue a scientific career and research opportunities at universities, and to answer participant questions on these subjects.


How to Create a Research Poster

Friday, October 31, FH 310 2pm-4 pm

Followed by Saturday, November 1 Intensive poster creation day  FH 106  10am-5pm

How to Present a Research Poster

Friday, November 7,  FH 310 2pm-4 pm

Followed by Saturday, November 8 intensive poster presentation practice day FH 310  10am-5pm

With STEM Director Jocelyn Graf and guest scholars

In preparation for the STEM Academic Conference, we will have a series of two workshops devoted to the skills needed to prepare and present a research poster. In academic research, beginning scholars often kick off their research careers by presenting their research in poster sessions at conferences. In a poster session, posters by a number of scholars are posted in rows in a single room. Guests walk through the room and peruse the posters, asking questions of the presenters and hearing brief presentations on the related research project. Posters are a way of visually displaying background information, a research methodology, the results of the investigation, and theoretical or practical applications and conclusions. For conference-goers, they provide the opportunity to take in a large amount of information in a short period of time, learn about new areas of study, and network with other researchers. Posters are not only for junior scholars. Senior scholars use posters to present preliminary findings, get feedback on new ideas, and gain broader exposure for their research.

These workshops are open not only to those who will submit poster proposals for the STEM Academic Conference, but to any STEM Academy member interested in learning these skills. Because the workshops are co-sponsored by LACC Workforce Career Technical Education (CTE), students majoring in any CTE major may also participate in the workshops. The Saturday sessions (but not Fridays) are required of all STEM Academic Conference poster presenters except graduate students and those who have poster presentation experience. To be excused from participation, speak with Eddie Pineda, STEM Conference Coordinator, pinedane@lacitycollege.edu or Jocelyn Graf, grafj@lacitycollege.edu.

List of Career and Technical Education Departments (CTE)


Transfer Advising Workshop

Friday, November 14, FH 310 2pm-4pm

With STEM Academic Counselor Ed Bird Song and several other LACC Academic Counselors

Would you like to learn more about your transfer options? To understand how the process of transferring from LACC to a four-year school works? The STEM Academic Counselor, Ed Bird Song, will give a 30-minute presentation on transfer, followed by 30-minute rotations through small-group meetings on different transfer-related topics with three academic counselors. This workshop will focus on transfer to UCs and CSUs, with a separate workshop coming later for out-of-state and private schools.


Understanding and Using Telescopes Workshop

Date to be announced depending on weather conditions

Location: SCI/TECH 126, then moving to the observation deck of the north end of the third floor of SCI/TECH 7pm-9pm

Cancelled for Thursday, November 20 due to a cloudy sky

Rescheduled for Monday, November 24: Skies clear and schedule confirmed

An overview of telescopes will be given, including how they work, the various designs, commonly used telescope/astronomy words, components/accessories, and limits to their use. We will conclude the session with a brief introduction to the sky, then align and view objects through the Meade and Webster telescopes.


Abstract Writing Workshop

Wednesday, December 03, JH 217 4pm-6pm

With Professor Danielle Muller, Director of Ralph Bunche Scholars and STEM Academy Director Jocelyn Graf

The workshop will prepare participants to apply to present at a research conference. In the first hour, we will give a presentation about how to write a summary of your research either for a conference or for a published journal article. In the second hour, I will help you draft an abstract. If you have data or a research poster, please bring a flash drive or have it ready to download. We will use it as the basis of the abstract.

Members of either program, plus any student interested in submitting a conference abstract to the Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC) at UC Irvine which will take place Saturday, March 28, 2014. You do not have to be a member of a specific honor society to present at the conference. In fact, we will cover science and math, social science, and the humanities. If you have friends in those areas who would be interested, please invite them. You can find more info here.

Download workshop handout.


Online Workshop: Book Discussion of A People's History of Science

Start date: TBA

With STEM Academy Director Jocelyn Graf

This workshop option is for STEM Academy members who are not able to participate in other workshops due to their schedules, or who have an interest in joining a book discussion. Each participant will be assigned an excerpt of the book A People's History of Science to read. Students will report on their reading and participate in a guided discussion. Copies of the book will be available on loan from the STEM Academy. A People's History of Science addresses the hidden roles of laboratory workers, craftspeople, women, indigenous people, and others in great scientific discoveries and technological developments across the centuries. Participants in the book discussion will be able to choose readings based on their interests.