Certificates: Short-Term
Credit Vocational

Certificate Courses Required  Certification Earned   No. of Units
Administration of Justice    
Correctional Institution Officer  Skill Certificate  15
Evidence Specialist/Evidence Technician Skill Certificate 15
Fingerprint Classification Skill Certificate 3
Fire Arms Training Skill Certificate 3
Private Investigation Skill Certificate 15
Administration of Justice Certificate 66
Administration of Justice Specialization Forensics Certificate 39
Business Administration    
Accounting Technician  Certificate 36
Automated Accounting Certificate 32-33
Business Administration Certificate 31-32
Business/Micro Computer Application Certificate 27-28
Finance & Banking   Certificate 32-33
Management   Certificate 33-34
Small Business Management  Certificate 33-35
Retail Management Certificate 35
Marketing Certificate 33-34
Real Estate- Finance Certificate 37
Real Estate- Investment  Certificate 40
Real Estate- Marketing Certificate 40
Child Development    
Child Development Associate Teacher  Skill Certificate 15
Children with Special Needs Skill Certificate 15
Infant and Toddler Studies Skill Certificate 15
School Age Program Skill Certificate 15
Child Development Teacher Certificate 29
Child Development Master Teacher Certificate 37
Child Development Supervisor Certificate 37
Beginning Film &Television Production   Skill Certificate 15
TV Studio Production- Level 1  Skill Certificate 13
Cinema/Video Production  Certificate 34
Directing Skill Certificate 15
Producing Skill Certificate 15
Cinema Post-Production  Skill Certificate 12
Cinematography   Skill Certificate 12
Computer Applications & Office Technology (CAOT)    
Administrative Office Assistant    Certificate 24
Basic Administrative Office Assistant  Certificate of Competency 6
Basic Computer Applications Certificate of Competency 6
Basic Legal Office Certificate of Competency 7
Basic Medical Administrative Certificate of Competency 11
Basic Medical Billing Certificate of Competency 8
Basic Medical Transcription Certificate of Competency 9
Basic Office Communications Certificate of Competency 8
Basic Web Page Design Certificate of Competency 6
Basic Word Processing Certificate of Competency 9
Clerical Office Assistant Certificate 24
Computer Applications Specialist Certificate 29
Legal Office Assistant Certificate 25
Medical Office Assistant  Certificate 26
Microcomputer Business Applications Certificate 27-28
Web Page Design Certificate of Competency 7
Computer Science & Information Technology    
Computer Networking Skill Certificate 12
Database Administration Skill Certificate 12
Operating Systems Skill Certificate 12
UNIX Operating Systems Skill Certificate 15
Web Client Technologies Skill Certificate 15
Web Server Technologies  Skill Certificate 15
Applications Software Certificate 28-31
Programming Languages Certificate 37-40
Computer Technology    
Comptia A+ Certification Skill Certificate 15
Comptia Network + Certification Skill Certificate 13
Computer Technology  Certificate 46.5
Dental Technology    
Dental Technology Certificate  
Basic Electronics Certificate  
Electronics Systems Technology Certificate  
Electronics Technology (Fast Track)  Certificate  
Family & Consumer Studies    
Dietetic Service Supervisor Certificate 25
Music Technology- Level 1   Music & Skill Certificate 12.5
Music Technology- Level 2 Music & Skill Certificate 12.5
Music Technology- Level 3 Music & Skill Certificate 12.5
Music Technology- Level 4 Music & Skill Certificate 12.5
Copyist Certificate & Skill Certificates 1-4 12.5
Orchestrator/Arranger Certificate & Skill Certificates 1-4 12.5
Vocal Performer Certificate & Skill Certificates 1-4 12.5
Instrumental Performer Certificate & Skill Certificates 1-4 12.5
Home Health Aide Skill Certificate 2
Certified Nurse Assistant   Skill Certificate 6
Option A: Commercial  Certificate 27
Option B: Freelance Certificate 28
Human Services Generalist  Certificate 40
Human Services Drug/Alcohol Studies Certificate 43
Professional Costuming Design- Level 1 Skill Certificate 15
Professional Actor Training Level 1 Skill Certificate 14
Professional Technical Theatre Skill Certificate 14