why enroll in this program?

The Citizenship courses offered at by the English Literacy Program at City College @ Wilshire (CCW) are an important part of the citizenship applicant’s citizenship process. The non-credit courses focus on U.S. history and government. American symbols are introduced and their importance explained in the classroom. Dictation is another important element of the course. The English Citizenship interview requires that applicants understand a basic level of English.

History and government testing and practice interview exams are provided to students enrolled in the Citizenship classes. The possible 100 USCIS (United States Citizenship Immigration Services) interview questions are also disseminated to students as a study guide. The English Literacy Citizenship Program does provide a certificate of completion and/or a certificate stating the student has completed 40 hrs. of instruction.
The certificate can be presented to the immigration officer at the time of the interview.

*A citizenship course gives the citizenship applicant an understanding of the U.S. government and allows the individual to be academically prepared for the questions that may be asked by the immigration officer.