Success Stories &
Student Testimonials

L.A Scholars:
The L.A Scholars Summer Program at Los Angeles City College was sustained by a strong and supportive partnership comprised of LACC, CalSAC, and LAUSD representatives.

Los Angeles City College’s twenty L.A. Scholars were between the ages of 17-19 and all reported that the L.A Scholars Program allowed them to garner immeasurable benefits. Many of the students hope to pursue a career in teaching or related fields and they expressed that this experience was enjoyable and helpful in the pursuit of their goals.

The students participated in this six week summer program which consisted of taking two college credit classes from LACC; Personal Development 40, and Child Development 1 (which afforded the students with six college units), work skills training with specific emphasis on after school programs offered by a CALSAC representative, as well as an internship experience at after school facilities in the area. This experience allowed them to acquire the hands-on training necessary to compliment what they were learning in class and in their work training sessions. Not only were these students given the opportunity to harness this tremendous learning experience, but they were also paid, at a competitive rate, for the time they spent working at the after school centers.

After completing the program, more than half of the students were offered jobs at their assigned after school sites. All of the students have retained those jobs and many of them are currently enrolled in Child Development courses at LACC in the pursuit of certification offered by our Child Development Program, in fact one of these students is also a member of LACC’s baccalaureate program offered in conjunction with Cal State University, Los Angeles.