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Job Readiness Certificate (Non-Credit)
The Career Pathways Academy in collaboration with the Workforce Readiness Academy offer the Job Readiness Certificate [PDF: 176KB] to high school students.

The Job Readiness Skill Certificate is a comprehensive and exclusive Los Angeles City College offering that prepares new and incumbent workers with the necessary skills to source, acquire, and maintain gainful employment. This course allows students to earn customer service skills, practice for interviews, learn resume writing techniques, prepare for the job search, deal with workplace culture, and learn workplace etiquette. The curriculum is modifiable for Limited English Populations (LEP).

Upon completion of the certificate, students have gained enough confidence and the necessary skills to step into the workplace, and get a job!

The certificate consists of four courses, which assist students in connecting to the workforce and/or improving employability skills:

  • Blueprint for Workplace Success (Voc. Ed. 001 CE) – 36 hours
    Designed for beginners in the workforce, the course includes topics such as communication skills, job interview skills, resume writing, understanding workplace culture, dealing with change, etc.

  • Blueprint for Customer Service (Voc. Ed. 239 CE) – 18 hours
    The course is designed to improve students’ customer service skills via hands-on methodologies and discussions of products and services, ways to meet customer needs, educating customers, providing on-going support, etc.

  • Job Club (Voc. Ed. 236 CE) – 6 hours
    Students are offered a support system in their preparation for the workforce. Topics discussed include: job search planning, job market research, the realities of the job market, etc.

  • 30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee (Voc. Ed. 230 CE) – 6 hours
    The course provides additional tools to become an exceptional employee.  Topics include: exceeding employer expectation, understanding company culture, dealing with change, controlling your anger, workplace ethics, etc. 

Upon completion of these courses, students will be awarded the JOB READINESS SKILLS CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION by Los Angeles City College.  The skills certificate is recognized by the California Community Colleges System Office (the State of California), the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.

Please note that these courses are not for credit, and encompass short-term Vocational Skills Certificate training.