frequently asked questions

What is the CAA?
Employer-Driven Curriculum / Training Program

The Healthcare Career Advancement Academy (CAA), a collaboration of community college professionals, including East Los Angeles College (ELAC), Los Angeles City College (LACC), and Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC), along with the Los Angeles Healthcare Workforce Development Program, has developed and tested a core curriculum to train entry-level healthcare employees. The approach is employer-driven and learner-centered – to prepare candidates for successful careers in healthcare.

What are the benefits of this program?
The benefits of this training program are many. First, you will leave the program having prepared their academic skills in English, Math, Study Skills and workplace preparation. You will also have gained insight into what it takes to be a professional in a variety of health care fields. This program has connections to the departments on campus at LACC including but not limited to: Dental Technology, Nursing; Dietetics/Nutrition; X-Ray Technician; Medical Billing/Coding and Medical Administrative.

Why contextualize developmental academic subjects?
Contextualization fosters learning by linking academics to real-life contexts the students will be exposed to while working in the healthcare field. By creating a learning environment that represents academic material relatable to real-life scenarios, students are able to develop strategies to implement their newly learned skills for tasks relevant in their lives beyond the classroom and into the workforce. Thus, this technique enhances the students’ learning retention and strengthens their comprehension with the academic material being presented during class time.

What came first, contextualization or the academic subject?
Although there is much debate of this issue, the academy has personally found that teaching students the academic skill first in a brief “mini lesson” and then integrating the skill into various contextualized classroom assignments and group work activities work best.

What is the cost?
The training program is offered at NO COST!! All we ask is that you come with an open mind willing to learn and grow academically.

What are the outcomes?
Increase in academic skills is just one of the several outcomes of this program. Your communication and critical thinking skills will be enhanced and you will have confidence in your ability to be a good student and to market yourself to employers. The CAA staff will assist you in continuing to the next step pf your choice. Whether that choice be employment or continued academic study at LACC or beyond.

Who are LACC's partners?
Link: One-LA
Link: Job Corps
Link: LA Conservation Corps
Link: Work Source Centers

How long is it?
The CAA has some program that are 5-6 weeks long and others which are 8-10 weeks long. It depends on the need of the student.

How do I get involved?
Give us a call. See the organizational chart below for our contact information.

CAA Process Flow Chart [Word doc: 41KB]