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Hello World” from Ardley Escamilla

Los Angels City College            Workforce Education

School Website:             Instructor: Professor Rene Marquez

        CCW 246 Voc Ed 003                     Schedules: Mon, Wed, & Thur from 9am-11:15am

Instructor’s Website(s):         City/State: Los Angeles, California              Address: 3020 Whilshire



My experiences in this class are very amazing due to learning computers that are an important learning complex among other things the class can offer but mainly for its protagonist: Rene Marquez. Professor Marquez is mostly the principal when it comes to teaching intimidating and pushing his students to success and at the same time fair and above everything humoristic. As far as I can remember I have never had any misunderstanding or any trouble with the instructor(s) or a classmate and I don’t intend to have any because I have always liked moving on to learn anything new.  Being introduced to Basic Computers has been the sunrise of all my knowledge and wisdom. If it wasn’t because I arrived in this incredible class I probably would have never knew what is a memory stick, a software, a hardware, a monitor or even a P.C. or any other thing involved with a computer. I really look very forward to be as professional as dedicated and competitive as all computer geniuses such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg but in particular “Rene Marquez my teacher and your teacher”.




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