Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill became an international pop culture icon as the protagonist in George Lucas' original Star Wars trilogy. Other film credits include THE BIG RED ONE, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, CORVETTE SUMMER, HAMILTON, RETURN OF THE JEDI, VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED, JAY & SILENT BOB, WALKING ACROSS EGYPT, COMIC BOOK - THE MOVIE, and WING COMMANDER. His career has encompassed virtually all aspects of modern media available to an actor; stage, screen, television, movies and video games. In addition to being a prolific voice-over artist, he has branched out creatively as a writer, producer and director. DC Comics published two of his essays on his favorite character, The Batman, in separate collections. He created his own comic book anti-hero, The Black Pearl for Dark Horse Comics. He is executive producer, co-creator and performer on The Wrong Coast, a 13 episode show-biz satire acquired by AMC in the U.S. which is currently running on Canada's Movie Network. As an animation voice-over director, his credits include; AEROTROOPERS, (feature), THE BLACK PEARL (video game) and WHAT IF? He made his live-action feature film debut as director, producer and performer in 2004's COMIC BOOK - THE MOVIE, a mock-documentary set largely at the San Diego Comic Book Convention. Currently, he is preparing his second feature as a writer-director, a film adaptation of THE BLACK PEARL, with partners Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy. Filmography

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