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LA City College Theatre Academy Costume Program
trains costume professionals
through hands-on training for theatre and film


Congratulations to Jennifer Davis and Juliana Kemenes (Honorable Mention), Yuliya Mozgova, Bridgette Wallace, Catalena Lee and Abel Alvarado for their costume design in competition at the Kennedy Center/ American College Theatre Festival 2013 regionals in Los Angeles.

Jessica Zavala received the Rafael Jaen Award in Costume for Most Promising Designer.

Nation Pastime flyin chin
                   costume design: student Tanya Bishop                       
Costume Design: student Rebecca Almendarez


Do you have flair? Can you put a "look" together? Are you a born shopper? Do you dress differently for:

  • school?
  • dates?
  • clubbing?
  • parties?
  • shopping?
  • religious services?
  • visiting relatives?
  • interviews?
  • working out?

. . . then you are already designing costumes for different parts of your life and personality.

What topics are covered? What skills are developed?

  • Costume design for theatre
  • Costume design for film & video, costume styling
  • Reading a play, breaking down a script
  • Character breakdowns
  • Communicating your design, effective production meetings, developing your portfolio
  • Sketching, swatching, character boards
  • Traditional and computer illustration techniques
  • Costume history, research, resourcing, shopping, budgeting
  • Pattern drafting and draping, measurements, fabric selection, cutting, fitting, construction
  • Selecting and creating accessories
  • Costume dyeing, painting, batiking
  • Wardrobe skills for theatre, pulling a show, navigating costume storage, shop organization, costume maintenance
  • Theatre discipline and procedures, dress rehearsals, managing a crew, striking
  • Character makeup, hair & wigs
  • Wardrobe for film and video


designed by student Christie Coble
costumes designed by student Johanna Karlen
costumes designed by student Terri Reh


The one thing actors and directors ALWAYS need is costumes to define and express their characters. LACC Theatre Academy has a 2 year Costume Program for less than $350/ semester, plus books & supplies.

  • YOU WILL: need the energy and enthusiasm to join a very active Theatre Academy.
  • WE WILL: help you grow and discover your strengths.
  • WE work in collaboration with studios, shops, employers in theatre, television, film and entertainment, to ensure our classes grow the skills they're looking for.
  • YOU DON'T: have to have a theatre background.
  • YOU WON'T: pay heavy tuition and fees.
  • YOU DON'T: have to complete an A.A. (unless you want to, or to transfer to university.) This is a certificate program.
  • VISIT US, see our shows, talk to us.
Intimate Apparel
costumes designed by
student Mandie Gonzalez

How is all this possible? No secret short-cuts, it takes hands-on, practical, experiential learning. Lab time is spent to develop skills needed for the mounting of live theatrical productions, the best training ground for any type of entertainment designer.

This is a highly selective and challenging course. Acceptance into the program is not a guarantee of continuance. From the initial interview and portfolio review, the student is constantly evaluated and challenged to meet and exceed standards. A student who cannot meet assignments while in constant production may be discontinued. The periodic evaluations are retained as source material to use in recommendations for future education and job applications.

At the completion all of the required program courses the 2 year Professional Certificate for Theatrical Costuming is awarded. During the optional third year program the design student will concentrate on independent theatre, film and video projects to advance the transition into the profession while utilizing the resources of the Academy.

costumes designed by
student Ernest Johnson

A measure of the success of this intense, hands-on approach may be seen in the invitation of our design majors into the final regional round of the Kennedy Center/ American College Theatre Festival competition. This is in competition with design students coming from 4-year institutions or graduate studies. Our graduates are working in the entertainment business in design, wardrobe and styling with Universal Studios, Disney, National touring companies, Cal Tech, and independent film and video productions.

Many career opportunities are available to graduates of the program:

  • Costume design- theatre, film, video, commercial
  • Apprenticing with an established designer
  • Film, television, or video costuming, assisting or wardrobe
  • Costume shop or costume rental house, theme park, or cruise ship

Click here to see some of the jobs and opportunities Costume Graduates have gone on to.

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323 953.4000 ext.2987
email: siskodb@lacitycollege.edu



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