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TA 400 Midterm Study Guide

Please review the following images and the costume details for each period

Identify: period, garment or accessory, why or how or when it is worn

PREHISTORIC - primary source, secondary source

.prehist1  bronze age clothing

    pagne, caul, fur, braid                                                  Bronze age clothing, tassels, net cap



assyrian braid    assyrian warrior

Assyrian braid, chignon, fillet    beautiful Assyrian warrior,

                                                      curled beard & hair

kaunakes         Persian

Sumerian kaunakes                                   Persian, phrygian cap, coat, trousers



cone of wax               nemes

cone of wax, gala gown           pharoah=nemes headdress, crook, flail

cone of wax, cache sexe, beaded collar                          lock of youth

cone of wax, cache sexe,                             lock of youth, uraeus, beaded collar.

   beaded collar                                              shenti, shendot, red crown of Lower Egypt




snake goddess                     bifurcated

tiered skirt, cich belt                             bifurcated skirt, bolero jacket

exposed breasts= goddess                  hair in 3 ringlets

phallustache  bulljumper

phallustache, elaborate hat                            bulljumpers, cinch belts



petasos         chitons

petasos, chlamys                                                          Ionic chiton, Doric chiton, stephanie, fillet

doric chiton

Doric Chiton



tutulus  stiletto  

tutulus                                                       stiletto beard, turned up toe boots

dancing Etruscan    etruscan skirt


 pointed boots, flowing skirts     skirt, bolero top.\, blouse, tebenna 



zona and pagne  toga

zona and pagne                                                            toga, tunic





constantines court  trousers hosa

paludamentum, tablion, stemma, tonsure                               hosa (trousers) Phrygian cap, mantle

tonsure  stemma collar  lorum

        tonsure, clavi                  stemma, pendants, collar            Lorum

clerical garb  byzantine pearls

paludamentum w/ tablion, dalmatic, tunic, clavi                                          paludamentum w/ tablion

                                                                                                                    stemma, pearls