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Acting Alumni search: X,Y,Z

  • Tammy Yamada - in 'Women in Music, Movement & the Moment' at Highways, choreography for the band 'Visiting Violette,' appeared in Fentor at East Los Angeles College, in the East West production of Pacific Overtures, and in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  • Mary Jean Yamaji
  • Ed Yanashek
  • Gregory Yance
  • Karen Yarmat
  • Muriel Yarwood
  • Gwendolyn (Gwyndolin) Yates
  • Harold Yates
  • Yasemin Yazar - Bacchae, Multi roles - Expecting Isabel, Krush
  • Gregory Yeager
  • Louise York
  • Carlton Young
  • David Young
  • Elizabeth Young - Mama Leone - Two Wise Guys of Verona, Vinegar Tom
  • Joyce Younger
  • Steve Yudson - recently appeared in LACCTAA staged reading, has trained as a registered physical therapist.
  • Helen Yura
  • Beverly Zackson
  • Henry Zakshevski
  • Kimberly Zambrows
  • Lawrence Zamora
  • David Zanetsky
  • Mohammed Zarif
  • Ric Zarro
  • George Zeeman -
  • Dave Zeitlin
  • Leah Zepel - in MAMMA MIA!, Sharla - Coyote Woman, Alice - Zombie Attack!, Canterbury Air, Moth, Choreographer - Love's Labors Lost, Elsie - After the Fall, Wardrobe crew - Student One Acts, Night of January 16th
  • Pat Zicari
  • Robert Ziegler
  • Dean Zilberman
  • Esther Zimmerman
  • Ruth Zimmerman
  • Sorrita Zimmerman
  • Peter Zirpolo
  • Max Zlatin
  • Irene Zmerkevych
  • Jasmine Zozaya - Director - DIRTY TALK, Nuna - NECESSARY TARGETS, Janice - LOOSE ENDS, Candy Starr-ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST 12107
  • Jannia Zubryski
  • Gerald Zuk
  • Pat Zwally



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