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Acting Alumni search: U-v

  • Ann Uhl
  • Jakie Ulibarri
  • Cheryl Umana - UCLA school of Theatre June 2003, Cory - Zombie Attack!, Love's Labour's Lost, - Landscape of the Body, Scenic Artist - Marisol
  • Mimi Umidon
  • Mitchell Untch
  • Georgia Upshaw
  • Phil Upton
  • Jose Urbina
  • Sharon Uretz
  • Marie Urigyen
  • Ray Ussery
  • Deborah Uytiepo
  • Treece Vahdani
  • Barbara E. Vail
  • Rafael Valencia - Company - After the Fall, Johnny, Orderly - The Waiting Room, Rinaldo, French Lord - All's Well That Ends Well, Narrator & Scuzzy - The Devil and Billy Markham, Newspaper Seller - Night of January 16th
  • Ronnie Valentine
  • Pete Valenzuela
  • Jo Ellen Valkis
  • Mallory Vanalyker
  • Kimball Vance
  • Thea Van Dame
  • Katie Vanderdrift - Lydia-BIG LOVE, Shelly-BURIED CHILD, The Countess-PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE, Anemone-CHER ANTOINE, Cordelia-SHAKESPEARE'S WOMEN
  • Haldo "Dutch" Van Der Laan - completed a Masters degree in Counseling and Guidance at California Lutheran 12/2003
  • Max Van der Wyk
  • June Van Eps
  • Jean Van Ever
  • Dave Van Evera
  • Pat Van Hartesveldt
  • Wilbur Van Leuwen
  • Gaven Van Over - Constantine-BIG LOVE, Chief Bromden - ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, Giovanni-'TIS PITY SHE'S A WHORE, Vince-BURIED CHILD, Skins - COMMON ROOMS, Wardrobe Crew - COYOTE WOMAN
  • Jerid (Van Over) James
  • Janet Van Ransselaer
  • Don Van Treeze
  • Brian Van Zandt
  • Ricardo Vargas
  • Charlese Vaughn
  • Robert F. Vaughn
  • Darrell Veal
  • James Veller
  • Vince Veltri - San Francisco
  • Michael Venedicto
  • Richard Venturine
  • Joseph Victor
  • Mark Vila (Max Ryan) - in New York
  • Aida Villa
  • Eddie Villery
  • Inna Vinaver - Inna Marie Swann - currently in 'Faust Projekt' at the Odyssey, Imp - The Devil and Billy Markham, Judge Heath - Night of January 16th, in Assertiveness Training 101, ¬†Invaluable costume construction - The Rivals, The Time of Your Life, wardrobe crew - Unto You
  • Norman J. Virag
  • Christine Virgiel
  • Peter Virgo Jr.
  • Tommy Vize
  • Dominick Vizio
  • Phyllis Vizonsky
  • Vesta Voight
  • John Volkoff
  • Henriette Von Buelow
  • Lesa Vonn Blocker
  • Sonya Von Euer
  • Peter Vournes
  • Jill Vuerhard

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