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Acting Alumni Search: R

  • Karen Rabin
  • Myrtle Radach
  • Frank Radcliff
  • Richard Rae
  • Betty Raede
  • Buzz Rafia
  • Kasha Rafkin
  • Bill Ragsdale
  • Joseph Raleigh
  • Didi Ramati
  • Jean Ramer
  • Alvaro Ramirez
  • Robert Ramirez - completed his MFA at the University of Delaware and is now living in New York City. He is on the faculty at Marymount College and the American Musical & Dramatic Academy in Manhattan teaching voice and speech. He has been with Recorded Books inc. for several years now (narrating audio books for ridiculous amounts of money and traveling around to librarian's conferences to talk to them about the value of narrated material. Several years ago he fulfilled his dream of doing Shakespeare In The Park with the Joseph Papp Public Theatre and then promptly quit the stage.
  • Sally Ramirez
  • Yolanda Ramirez
  • David Rammelkamp
  • Alison Ramsey
  • Eileen Ramsey
  • Ellen Randall
  • Winifred Randall
  • Pat Randolph
  • Anna Raner - Manager/Paralegal at Sony Pictures Entertainment 10122015
  • Maria Teresa Rangel
  • Vera Rangel
  • Gill Rankin
  • Blossom Rankle
  • Dorothy Ranns
  • Richard Raphael
  • Helaine Raphaelson
  • Paul Rasch
  • Goldie Rasenworth
  • Kristian Rasmussen
  • Marcus Ratafia
  • Minerva Rathstein
  • Raymond Raty
  • Sally Rawlinson
  • Anita Ray
  • Dave Ray
  • Ellen Ray
  • Hellen Ray
  • Monica Ray (Nadeau)
  • Cynthia Raymond
  • Dion Raymond
  • Sam Raymond
  • Jad Raynes
  • Susan Read
  • Raoul Reardon
  • Mary Ann Redei
  • Peta Redenbach
  • Chris Reed
  • Gloria Reed
  • Howard Reed
  • James Reed
  • Crystal Reeves
  • Joe Reeves
  • Grace Regan
  • Martin Regan
  • William Regueira
  • Allenie Reid
  • Candace Reid - Appeared in Demented Slave of Love
  • Don Reid
  • Mibley Reid
  • Timothy Reilly
  • Ruth Reimer
  • Jacob Reitz
  • Mat Reitz
  • Jack Reitzen
  • Jessica Remmers
  • Omar Renteria
  • Belinda Reser - appeared in Blood of MacBeth
  • David P. Resnick
  • Mary Resnick
  • Harlene Revelle
  • Billie Rhodes
  • Howard Rhodes
  • Mary Rhodes
  • Winston Rhodes
  • Madlyn Rhue - d. 2003
  • Chuck Rich
  • Sylvia Rich
  • William Rich
  • Jack Dart Richards
  • La Wanda Richards
  • Michelle Richards
  • Wanda Scott Richards
  • Ebern Richesin
  • Evan Richman - Camera Operator - VOIR DIRE, Richard - MOON OVER BUFFALO, Cabbie, Men - WHERE HAS TOMMY FLOWERS GONE?, Leo-BIG LOVE, Ruckly-ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, Mr. Worthing's Footman, Wardrobe Crew-THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST. Mr Richman is also the author of a filmscript CHRISTMAS IN GOA recently read by the LACCTAA Alumni group. 061807
  • Lionel Richman
  • Marian Richman
  • Blair Richwood - Richwood Script + Media 052708
  • Sibyl Lee Rickel - NY
  • Deborah Rico
  • Charles Riddle
  • Robb Ridgeley
  • Vera Ridgley
  • Carol Riemer
  • Carol Ries
  • Peggy Rinard
  • Ronald G. Riser
  • John Rittmayer
  • Elsie Rivera
  • Katja Rivera
  • Igor Riverditto
  • Beth Robbins
  • Sanford Robbins
  • Charles Robinson
  • Joe Robbins
  • James Roberts
  • Lorraine Roberts
  • Willa Roberts
  • Gay Boyd Robertson
  • Helen Robertson
  • Marjorie Robertson
  • Ted Robertson
  • Charles Robinson
  • Chase Robinson
  • Chris Robinson
  • Daniel Robinson
  • Edna Robinson
  • Ford Robinson
  • Leola Robinson
  • Nicole Robinson
  • Patricia Robinson
  • Marvin Robman
  • Madeline Roche
  • Mitrani Rochelle
  • Ramon Rodgers
  • Gloria Rodil
  • Victor Rodriguez
  • Sid Roger
  • Ed Rogers
  • J.R.Rogers, Jr. - dwelling in San Francisco since 1990. creating indefinitely.
  • Jacquelyn Rogers
  • Leroy Rogers
  • Margo Rogers
  • Ramon Rogers
  • Robert Rogers
  • Herbert Rohler
  • Richard Rokola
  • Tom Roland
  • Raul Rolando
  • Gardner Rolland
  • Janice Romano
  • Lillian Romero
  • Sunnie Romero
  • Sunshine Romo - Jelena - NECESSARY TARGETS, Prop Asst. - LOOSE ENDS 110207
  • Rita Rooney
  • Candi Lee Root
  • Martha Root
  • Frank Roque
  • Brenda Rosa
  • Starman Rosalind
  • Geraed Rose
  • John Rose
  • Ralph J. Rose
  • Roy Rosenberg
  • Irwin Rosenhouse
  • Mark Rosenthal - has been accepted to UCLA, but will instead move back to NYC to go to Columbia University as a playwrighting major. His book, Cootie Shots: Theatrical Inoculations Against Bigotry, plays he co-edited and contributed to (along with Tony Kushner and Luis Alfaro & Jayne Atkinson) is available everywhere, and Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman are on board for the upcoming TV adaptation. 6/18/2004
  • Betty Rosenwein
  • Betty Ross
  • Claude Ross
  • Darlene Ross
  • Elizabeth Ross
  • Harry Ross
  • Judy Ross
  • Lois RossWillie Ross
  • Maggie Roswell - is best known for the last 17 years for having created many of the original voices for the Emmy award winning 20th Century Fox series "The Simpsons." Her voices include: Maude Flanders, Helen Lovejoy & Mrs. Hoover, to name a few. She was an Emmy and an Annie award nominee for her portrayal of Sharry Bobbins (The Simpson's spoof of Mary Poppins.) Ms. Roswell starred in the CBS television series "The Tim Conway Show" with Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. She has appeared in over 200 episodic television series. In film, Maggie appeared in LOST IN AMERICA, PRETTY IN PINK, SWITCHBACK, and SILVER CITY. In over 30 years in the theatre, Maggie's favorite experience was starring on Broadway with Paul Sills in Sills and Company. She and her producer husband Hal Rayle have a recording facility in Denver, Colorado, where they live with their beautiful daughter, Spenser. Roswell & Rayle Inc. creates radio and television advertising, as well as comedy messages, ringtones, and ringbacks for cell phone entertainment under the banner of
  • Andy Rothenberg - Recently appeared as Eddy in 'MOB CITY', Jim in 'THE WALKING DEAD' as well as in  'AMERICAN HORROR STORY' 'PERSON OF INTEREST', 'PRISON BREAK,' STRANGER THAN FICTION with Will Farrell, also ER, JUDGING AMY, WALKER, TEXAS RANGER, various TV and commercials and the films SAVE THE LAST DANCE and LIFE SENTENCE. Married to Dado and father to Stella and Booker. 30914
  • Stanley Rothman
  • Pete Rotsel
  • Marcella Roulette
  • Lenni Roughheart
  • Ruben Rousseaux
  • Bob Rowe - on Board of Directors of LACCTAA
  • Frances Rowe
  • Bonnie Roy
  • John Royce
  • Margaret Royce
  • Millie Rubenstein
  • Celine Rubin
  • Frances Rubin
  • Lorna Stone Rubinchik - recently produced Fog of War at Ventura Court Theatre. Catch up with her by email
  • Susan Ruby
  • Pat Rudick
  • Barbara Ruebin
  • Wendell Ruggles
  • Adrian Ruiz
  • Zenia Ruiz - Imp - The Devil and Billy Markham, Mrs. John Hutchins, Court Follower - Night of January 16th, Wardrobe crew, Prop crew - Unto You
  • Robin Rumack
  • Stanley Runkel
  • Sean Runnette
  • Mary Rusnek
  • Jenelle Russell
  • Judy D. Russell
  • Ralph Russell
  • Chiara Russi
  • Guy Rutembesa
  • Stanley Rutherford
  • Marianne Ruuth
  • Gretel Ruvalcaba
  • Heather Ryan
  • Jeff Ryan (Lucio)
  • Josh Ryan - in THE SNEAKY LITTLE MUFFIN MAN and SLITHER at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre

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