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Acting Alumni Search: L

  • Carol Lacy
  • Geraldine Lackey
  • Susie Lackey
  • Ed Lacy
  • Jerry Lacy
  • Mary Virginia La Fonde
  • Ted La Grosse
  • Hilde Laiblich
  • Leonore Laifman
  • Jerry Lail
  • Persephone Laird - recently appeared in LACCTAA staged reading, and in The Threepenny Opera at A Noise Within
  • Gary B. Lamb - recently adapted "Godspell" with William Reilly.
  • Kathleen Lambert -recently in FAITHFUL, EASTERN STANDARD 43006
  • James Lambo
  • Gary Lamoin
  • Rosamund Lancaster - Cara - Common Rooms, Multi roles - Expecting Isabel, Wardrobe Crew - Coyote Woman, SD1A
  • Caleb Land - Paul - Recently in 'Slither' at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre, returned as Guest Artist in 'Two Wise Guys of Verona,' Common Rooms, Nick - Expecting Isabel, Speed - Zombie Attack!, Costard - Love's Labour's Lost, Donny - Landscape of the Body
  • Alice Landedorf
  • Irene Lanier
  • William Landis
  • Sylvia Lane
  • Jack Langdon
  • Avon Langley
  • Christopher Langley
  • Mary Langley
  • Pat Langlois
  • Jim Lanman
  • Soraya Lanyri
  • Emile Laperouse
  • Charles Laraway
  • Diana Larios - Crystal - Zombie Attack!, Love's Labour's Lost, Young Woman - Marisol, Wardrobe crew - Night of January 16th
  • Bonnie Larkin
  • Janice Larsen
  • Walter Larsen
  • Ellsworth Larson
  • Vivien (Alison) Latham - moved to London in 1991 and studied theatre and improv. After moving back to LA, she co-founded the improve troupe “Witness Protection Theatre” and performed at the Comedy Store in Hollywood. She has worked with several theatre companies including Company of Angels, Ojai Art Centre Theatre, Ojai Shakespeare Festival, the Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival, Santa Susanna Repertory Company, Elite Theatre, Gothic Productions, Shakespeare in the Park, Conejo Players Theatre, Moorpark High Street Theatre, and Traverse Theatre. She doubled as Judy Garland in “Down With Love’ and starred as Judy Garland in the award-winning musical “Judy’s Scary Little Christmas.” 110207
  • Candice Latimore
  • Romney Latko
  • John La Touche
  • Cynde La Tulip
  • Michael Laufer
  • David Lawrence
  • James Lawrence
  • Jo Lawrence
  • Lynn Lawrence
  • Mittie Lawrence
  • Wand Lawrence
  • Marjorye Lawson
  • Leslie Lazaro
  • Eve Lazzerene
  • Sterling B. Leach
  • Cassaundra Leavitt
  • Lee Le Cour
  • Ellen Leddy
  • Jorge Ledezma - recently in The Time of Your Life
  • Carl Ledic
  • Leon Ledin
  • Maurice Le Dous
  • Betty Lee
  • George Lee
  • Michael Lee
  • Myra Lee
  • Nancy Lee
  • Patricia Lee
  • Peggy Lee
  • Ronald Lee
  • Susane Lee - Company - Sage, Company, Bacchae, The Laramie Project
  • Terry Lee
  • Esther Leech
  • Loring Leeds
  • John Lees
  • William Leffert
  • Marie Leger
  • Sara Leiber
  • Fronda Leigh
  • Alicia Leiva
  • Robert Lekven
  • B.J. Lelles
  • Michael Lembeck - was born in Brooklyn, New York to Harvey Lembeck and Caroline Lembeck, both in show business. After course sin drama at Beverly Hills High School and his drama studies at Los Angeles City College and Cal State, he studied singing and dancing. He toured with the original National company of Grease, with John Travolta. Following his television debut in the 1969 movie GIDGET GROWS UP, Michael guest appeared on a number of television shows including THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY, THE ROOKIES, HAPPY DAYS and BARNEY MILLER, and as a regular in THE KROFFT SUPERSHOW and the long-running sitcom ONE DAY AT A TIME. In 1989 he turned to directing, taking on episodes of over 30 series, including COACH, MAJOR DAD, and MAD ABOUT YOU. In 1996 he won an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing for a Comedy Series for his work on the hit series FRIENDS. Mr. Lembeck made his feature debut with THE SANTA CLAUSE 2, starring Tim Allen, followed by the comedy CONNIE AND CARLA. 12/3/05
  • Marcia Lenack
  • Eva Lengyel
  • Esther Lenz
  • Marcia Lenook
  • May Tom Leon
  • David Leonard
  • Phil Leonard
  • Gene Leonetti
  • Melvin Lertzman
  • Sydney Lessick
  • Virginia Lester
  • Stephen Levi
  • Leanie Levin
  • Norman Levine
  • Henry Levingston III - is married and graduating with a Masters' in Interdisciplinary Studies in Arts Communication and Marketing Management from Cal State L.A. He will be wirking on a second Masters' in Urban Education and Enterrtainment Management. He is developing an after shool crime prevention performing arts program called S.T.O.P. (Students Theatrically Offering Peace.) 52606
  • Leon Levy
  • Ronnie Levy
  • Abbot Lewis
  • Brad Lewis
  • Carl Lewis
  • Carrington Lewis
  • James Lewis
  • Jan Lewis Gist - is with the Alabama Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery
  • Jarma Lewis
  • John Lewis
  • Marvin Lewis
  • Michael T. Lewis
  • Minnie Lewis
  • Pat Lewis
  • Sandi Lewis
  • Sergio Leyva - Getting Out, Wardrobe Crew - Expecting Isabel
  • Phillip G. Lichterman
  • Gabriel Liebeskind
  • Dorothy Liggett
  • Beverly Lightman
  • Barbara Lightstone
  • Kathi Lightstone
  • El Mable Lilly
  • Dacre Lincoln
  • Harry Lincoln
  • George Lindaki
  • Richard Lindenaur
  • Tyler Lindsay - working with Missoula Children's Theatre, King - All's Well That Ends Well, Directed - Rain, Sigurd Jungquist - Night of January 16th, in Dancing at Lughnasa, Julius Caesar, Here, Rita! and Two Guys Moving Heavy Stuff, Interviewer in The Shadow Box, "Fag" in The Rivals.  Worked with LDS.
  • Vachel Lindsay
  • Laura Gail Lipnick
  • Harlan Liss
  • William Lithgow
  • Chuck Litman
  • Ksenia Litomisky - Company - THE BRAIN FROM PLANET X, Seada - NECESSARY TARGETS 110207
  • Gaby Litsky
  • Yolanda Littleton
  • Maxine Livesay (Fox)
  • Marvin Livingston
  • Gavin Lloyd
  • Howard Lloyd
  • Jackie Lobland
  • Althea Lockwood
  • Carl Lodjic
  • Sherrie Lofton
  • Emanuel Lombard
  • Patricia Lombard
  • Mario Lomeli
  • Beverly Long
  • Pete Loomer - married Alicia Martin
  • Anthony Lopez
  • Ardis Lopez
  • Betty Lopez
  • Carol Lordo
  • Julia Lorenz
  • Marianne Loris
  • Bela Losmandy
  • Jack Lott
  • Mario Loucel
  • Nancy Louis
  • Rafiel Love
  • Victor Love - Victor selected a piece from The Marriage Proposal by Anton Checkov to use as his audition piece for the LACC Theatre Academy. The year was 1975, Donna summer was the number one recording artist and platform shoes and leisure suits were the fashion. Checkov could not have had any idea what time and disco would do to his classic piece of theatre. Vic arrived in a pair of ivory colored platform shoes, with a matching leisure suit (polyester and a perfect three inch Afro) and he became a member of the Los Angeles Theatre Academy. At his interview he met Sanford Robbins, who told Mr. Love that he was accepted into the Academy on two conditions, A) that he get extra vocal coaching, (Mr. Love had a very serious back placement problem and was swallowing all his sounds) and B) that he pay special attention to his speech as he ". . . sounded like a middle class African American.) His response was: " But I am a middle class African American!" Mr. Robbins said, "Yes, but one day you may be called on to play a Russian peasant! With training an actor can do anything." Mr. Love didn't say this out loud, but he thought "Yeah, sure." A few years later in a production of Gorky's The Lower Depths, Vic garnered tremendous critical acclaim as Vaska Peppel . . . a Russian peasant. In a career that is going into its third decade Mr. Love's acting has taken him all over the world; he has performed in every medium and in every style of acting. He credits LACC with planting the seed of The Possible. 12/3/05
  • Kellie Lovelace
  • Joan Lovell
  • Sherrill Lovit
  • Penelope Lowder
  • Michelle Lowe
  • Tommy Lowe
  • Ed Lozano
  • Suzanne Lozano
  • Jerry Luboviski
  • Tina Lucarelli
  • Molly Lucchesi
  • Michael Luckerman - recently in The Time of Your Life.
  • Al Ludwick
  • Tanya Lugo
  • Mark Lukan
  • Barbara Luke
  • Jack Lukes
  • Eric Lumbard
  • H. H. Lumpkin, Jr.
  • Phyllis Lund
  • Jack Oscar Lundberg
  • Cherette Lunsford
  • Michael Lunsford
  • Joe Lustig
  • Joanne Lustman
  • Maggie Lutcher
  • Donna-Jean Luttecke
  • Christian Lutz
  • Stacy Lyles
  • Lola Lynch
  • Pat Lynch
  • Ronda Lynch
  • Ronda Lynn
  • Stephanie Lynne
  • Patricia Lyvengoode

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