Course OFFERings

Comm 101: Public Speaking - 3 units -- Hybrid section coming soon!

Students study the theory and techniques of public speaking in a democratic society.Students will apply rhetorical principles to topic selection and audience analysis, research and reasoning of information, speech composition and outlining, presentation aids and delivery, listening and evaluation of public discourse. Students practice effective communicative strategies for various types of original speeches including informative and persuasive speeches. Focus will be on developing credibility as a speaker and demonstrating confidence before an audience.This course meets AA degree and transfer requirements in oral communication.


Comm 104: Argumentation & Debate - 3 units

Students explore methods of critical inquiry, advocacy and argumentation. Students will analyze, present and evaluate oral and written arguments, identify fallacies in reasoning and language, test evidence and evidence sources, advance a reasoned position, and defend and refute arguments orally and in writing. This course meets AA degree and transfer requirements in critical and analytic thinking.


Comm 106: Forensics Speech & Debate Team - 2 units

Students participate in competitive speaking in public address, interpretation and/or debate as part of the LACC Forensics Team. Students develop the skills to research and prepare for intercollegiate forensics tournaments outside of regularly scheduled class hours. Students practice effective verbal and nonverbal communicative techniques, develop speaker credibility, and demonstrate confidence before an audience. This course is repeatable up to three times and meets AA degree requirements.


Comm 111: Voice & Articulation - 3 units

Students study methods of voice development and demonstrate improved speech production. Focus will be on the respiration process, phonation, resonation, and articulation and their coordination in pronunciation and effective vocal expression. Students practice accuracy of sound production for Standard American English through use of the International Phonetic Alphabet. This course is suited for any major or career where speaking clearly is a requirement.


Comm 121: Interpersonal Communication - 3 units

Students explore communication in a variety of interpersonal relationships. Students will study communication behaviors in dyads (pairs) and their impact on personal and professional relationships, developing effective communication skills in areas such as verbal and nonverbal communication, listening, emotional intelligence, and conflict management. This course meets AA degree and transfer requirements.


 Comm 122: Intercultural Communication - 3 units -- Online section coming soon!

Students analyze dynamics of culture within a variety of communication contexts. Students will explore cultural worldviews and values, verbal and nonverbal communication styles, and barriers to intercultural communication. Focus will be on recognizing and appreciating cultural differences and improving intercultural communication competence for more effective interactions with others in a diverse society. This course meets AA degree and transfer requirements.


Comm 130: Introduction to Oral Interpretation - 3 units

Students study the theory, principles, and techniques of oral interpretation of literature. Texts include prose, poetry, drama, and other forms of performance text drawn from a diverse range of cultural viewpoints and voices. Students will focus on selection, analysis, editing, performance, and evaluation; developing an appreciation for and an understanding of oral interpretation as a communication medium. This course meets AA degree and transfer requirements.


Comm 151: Small Group Communication - 3 units -- New course coming soon!


Comm 60A: Listening & Speaking Lab - 0.25 unit

Comm 60B: Listening & Speaking Lab - 0.25 unit

Comm 60C: Listening & Speaking Lab - 0.25 unit

Comm 60D: Listening & Speaking Lab - 0.25 unit

Comm 71: Speaking English as a Second Language I - 3 units

Comm 72: Speaking English as a Second Language II - 3 units

Comm 73: Speaking English as a Second Language III - 3 units

Comm 76: English Speech as a Second Language IV - 3 units


Comm 91: Speech Laboratory I - 1 unit

Comm 92: Speech Laboratory II - 1 unit

Comm 93: Speech Laboratory III - 1 unit

Comm 94: Speech Laboratory IV- 1 unit


Comm 185: Directed Study - 1 unit 

Comm 285: Directed Study - 2 units

Comm 385: Directed Study - 3 units