Dr. Selassi I is continuing this work by exploring the roots and traditions of African, Caribbean & Afican American mythology at the University of Notre Dame's school of Theology.  

Full Time Faculty


Julie Holzner (Relocated to Business Department)

Associate Professor, Economics

M.A., Economics, California State University, Long Beach
B.A., Economics, California State University, Long Beach

Research Interests: Interactive learning strategies to improve undergraduate education in economics

ext. 2954 FH 219D holzneje@lacitycollege.edu


Fernando Rodriguez

Associate Professor, Sociology

M.S.W., University of California at Los Angeles 
B.A., Scoiology, California State University, Los Angeles 

Research Interests: Sociology of the Chicano Community

ext. 2951 FH 219B rodrigfj@lacitycollege.edu


Anthony Clark

Associate Professor, Sociology

M.A., Sociology, California State University, Northridge
B.A., Sociology, California State University, Northridge


Research Interests:  Kennedy Conspiracy Scholarship, Deviance & Criminal Behavior, Sociology of the Black Family

ext. 2949 FH 219F clarka@lacitycollege.edu

Wendel Eckford

W. Gabriel Selassie I, Department Chair & Ralph Bunche Professor of Histoy & Religion (Joint)

Ph.D., History, Claremont Graduate School (CGS)

M.A., Theology, University of Notre Dame (In Progress)

M.A., Public History, California State University, Dominguez Hills (Certified Registered Professional Historian: CA #577)

M.A., History, Claremont Graduate School (CGS)

M.A., African American Studies, University of California at Los Angeles

Bach., Architecture, Prairie View A & M University of Texas (HBCU)

 Bio:  Dr. Selassi I attended Prarie View A & M University of Texas where he earned a 5 Year Professional degree (B. Arch) in Architecture. At PVAMU he specialized in Sacred Geomerty under the direction of Simon Wiltz, AIA and Dr. Norman Powell.  After completing his university education, Dr. Selassi I read intellectual currents of Caribbean history, black vindication &  the teachings of Marcus Garvey & the UNIA Movement under Prof. Emeritus Robert Hill, Editor, Marcus Garvey Papers at UCLA, where he earned an M.A. in Afro American Studies.  Dr. Selassi I earned a doctorate in U.S. history from the Claremont Graduate University in California. At CGU he focused on cultural heritage, historical injustices, genocide & war crimes and African & African American intellectual and cultural history. Dr. Selassie I currently teaches a graduate seminar in Civil & human rights at the Claremont Graduate University.  Dr. Selassie I also earned completed a masters's in public history from the California State University and completed a post-doc at Oxford Univeristy in African Politics. Dr. Selassie I is  currently studying and completing an MA in theology at University of Notre Dame.

Dr. Selassi I reserch interests are African Diasporic Religions, Rastafarianism (Camparative Theology), Public History, Historical Injustices, Human & Civil Rights hisotry, Ancient Mystery Systems of African & African Diaspora, Sacred Geometry, Ancient Cultism, Metaphyisics, Shamanism, Language, Culture, Technology and the Theoretical origins of Human Consciousness. 

Founder and Editor of the blog:www.niyabinghiblues.com, dedicated to issues within the Rastafarian community.  He is also the Co-Editor and Co-Founder of HoopsPOP.comâ„¢ an on line digital humanities NBA & sports journal. Dr. Selassie I is also a contributing author on Blackpast.org.

ex. 2561 FH 219E eckforwv@lacitycollege.edu


Carlos Guerrero

Ralph Bunche Associate Professor, Chicano Studies

Ph.D., Cultural Studies, Claremont Graduate University
M.A., Chicano Studies, California State University, Northridge
B.A., Chicano Studies, California State University, Northridge

Research Interests: Media, the new Western history, Community Colleges, Education and Critical Pedagogy

ext. 2506 FH 219A guerrecr@lacitycollege.edu


Joe Meyer

Associate Professor, Political Science

M.A., Political Science, Marquette University
B.A., Political Science, Marquette University

Research Interests: Middle East Politics, Defense & Strategic studies, Democracy & Failed States

ext. 2562 FH 219I meyerjn@lacitycollege.edu


Brian Bartelt

Ralph Bunche Associate Professor, Anthropology

Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Southern California
M.A., Visual Anthropology, University of Southern California
B.A., History, East Carolina University

Research Interests:  African Studies, Ritual Studies, Anthropology of Consciousness (shamanism, healing, witchcraft), Visual Anthropology (ethnographic filmmaking)

ext. 2693 FH 219G bartelba@lacitycollege.edu

Photo coming soon.

Melvin Aaron

Associate Professor, Political Science

Political Science Ph.D. Candidate, Howard University
M.A., Political Science, University of Washington, Seattle
B.A., Political Science, University of California, Santa Barbara

Research Interests: Amilcar Cabral, African Politics, Comparative & Black Radical Politics

ext. 2953 FH 219H aaronm@lacitycollege.edu

Dr. Christina Heisser

Christina Heisser

Assistant Professor, World History

Ph.D., History, Indiana University
M.A., History, Indiana University
B.A., History, Valparaiso University

Research Interests: Latin American History, Popular Religion, Mexico-U.S. Migration, Modern Mexican History, History of Race and Migration in the United States.

ext. 2955 FH 219D heissecm@lacitycollege.edu