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Marlene Medrano

Assistant Professor, History

Ph.D, History, Indiana University

M.A., Education, California State University, Los Angeles

B.A., Psychology, UCLA

Research Interests: Latin America, U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, Gender and Sexuality, and Public Health



Anthony Clark, Chair 

Associate Professor, Sociology

M.A., Sociology, California State University, Northridge
B.A., Sociology, California State University, Northridge


Research Interests:  Kennedy Conspiracy Scholarship, Deviance & Criminal Behavior, Sociology of the Black Family

ext. 2949 FH 219F clarka@lacitycollege.edu

Wendel Eckford

W. Gabriel Selassie I

Ralph Bunche Associate Professor of U.S. History & African American Studies (Joint): (Ralph Bunche Honors Program)

Post Doc: St. Antony's College, University of Oxford, Political Science, Democracy in Africa.

Ph.D., History, Claremont Graduate School (CGS)

M.A. Theology, University of Notre Dame (Pending)

M.A., African American Studies, UCLA

M.A., Public History: Digital Humanities, CSU Dominguez Hills

Bach.of Architecture, Prairie View A & M University of Texas (HBCU)

Research Interests: 19th & 20th Century African American Intellectual & Cultural History, Marcus Garvey, Rastafari/Caribbean culture & history, Blacks in the West, Rituals & Power, Public History & Digital Humanities, Race & Racism.

Published Works: 

W. Gabriel Selassie I, “Forward, Preface, Guide to the Materials, Introduction” and “Analysis,” to The Holy Piby: The Black Man’s Bible, Robert Athlyi Rogers, (Los Angeles: Orunmilla, Inc, 2015).

 W. Gabriel Selassie I, “Introduction” to The Promised Key, by Leonard Percival Howell, (Los Angeles: Orunmilla, Inc., 2015).

ext. 2561 FH 219E selasswg@lacitycollege.edu


Carlos Guerrero

Associate Professor, Chicano Studies

Ph.D., Cultural Studies, Claremont Graduate University
M.A., Chicano Studies, California State University, Northridge
B.A., Chicano Studies, California State University, Northridge

Research Interests: Media, the new Western history, Community Colleges, Education and Critical Pedagogy

ext. 2506 FH 219A guerrecr@lacitycollege.edu


Joe Meyer

Associate Professor, Political Science

M.A., Political Science, Marquette University
B.A., Political Science, Marquette University

Research Interests: Middle East Politics, Defense & Strategic studies, Democracy & Failed States

ext. 2562 FH 219I meyerjn@lacitycollege.edu


Brian Bartelt

Associate Professor, Anthropology

Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Southern California
M.A., Visual Anthropology, University of Southern California
B.A., History, East Carolina University

Research Interests:  African Studies, Ritual Studies, Anthropology of Consciousness (shamanism, healing, witchcraft), Visual Anthropology (ethnographic filmmaking)

ext. 2693 FH 219G bartelba@lacitycollege.edu

Mel Aaron

Melvin Aaron

Associate Professor, Political Science

Political Science Ph.D. Candidate, Howard University
M.A., Political Science, University of Washington, Seattle
B.A., Political Science, University of California, Santa Barbara

Research Interests: Amilcar Cabral, African Politics, Comparative & Black Radical Politics

ext. 2953 FH 219H aaronm@lacitycollege.edu

Dr. Christina Heisser

Christina Heisser

Assistant Professor, World History

Ph.D., History, Indiana University
M.A., History, Indiana University
B.A., History, Valparaiso University

Research Interests: Latin American History, Popular Religion, Mexico-U.S. Migration, Modern Mexican History, History of Race and Migration in the United States.

ext. 2955 FH 219D heissecm@lacitycollege.edu