The mission of the Radiologic Technology Program at Los Angeles City College is to instruct students with the technical and interpersonal skills necessary for success as a professional diagnostic medical radiographer.
Degree:   AS Radiologic Technology - Plan B
Degree Learning Outcomes
The student will:
1. Position the patient to demonstrate the requested anatomy required by the physician to show the presence or absence of disease.
2. Effectively and efficiently assess the patient's condition and communicate relative information to doctors, the patient, family members, and other hospital staff.
3. Administer ionizing radiation, ethically and judiciously, to the patient following the principle of "as low as reasonably achievable".
4. Employ patient care practices based on acceptable ethical behavior and established standards within their scope of practice.
5. Pass the registration and licensing examinations offered by state and national accrediting organizations.
Skill Certificate:  Clinical Education
Certificate Learning Outcomes
The student will:
1. Perform radiographic procedures and produce quality images.
2. Apply radiation safety and protection for patients, themselves and others.
3. Utilize effective communication with patients and colleagues in the clinical environment.
Skill Certificate:  Fluoroscopy
Certificate Learning Outcomes
The student will:
1. Identify and describe various ways of maintaining quality control in fluoroscopy.
2. Examine fluoroscopy images for correct positioning, centering, appropriate anatomy and overall image quality.
3. Differentiate fluoroscopic examinations from static diagnostic radiographic examinations.
Skill Certificate:  Patient Care
Certificate Learning Outcomes
The student will:
1. Analyze acute changes in the patient’s condition and take appropriate interventional action.
2. Employ the techniques of body mechanics necessary for safe transport, transfer and positioning of patients.
3. Examine changes in a patient's condition that would signal an emergency requiring immediate care.

Goals & Student Learning Outcomes from Assessment Plan

  • Goal:   Prepare clinically competent entry-level Radiologic Technologists.                                                               

    Student Learning Outcomes:

    • Students will perform routine radiographic examinations.
    • Students will possess knowledge of radiographic procedures and patient care.
    • Students will employ radiation protection to patients, themselves and others.
    • Students will use ethical practices in health care delivery.


    Goal:   Cultivate Radiologic Technologists who utilize exceptional communication skills with patients and coworkers.

    Student Learning Outcomes:

    • Students will communicate, both verbally and nonverbally in a professional manner with the patient.
    • Students will discuss effective communication in the clinical environment.


    Goal:   Train Radiologic Technologists to use critical thinking and problem solving skills to perform job related functions.

    Student Learning Outcomes:

    • Students will alter their approach to complete examinations for patients of different age groups.
    • Students will evaluate radiographic images for adequate positioning, density/brightness, contrast, and recorded detail/spatial resolution.


    Goal:   Produce Radiologic Technologists who will grow, develop, and become members of professional organizations that foster career growth.

    Student Learning Outcomes:

    • Students will evaluate career opportunities and advancement for the radiographer.
    • Students will analyze the career growth opportunities gained from being involved in a professional medical imaging organization.
    • Students will create a professional portfolio that illustrates growth with their careers.