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Physics 102 is the second semester of our three semester sequence of classes designed for science and engineering majors. The two broad topics covered in Physics 102 are Thermodynamics and Electricity and Magnetism. Within Thermodynamics some of the topics covered are Temperature , Heat, Calorimetry, Heat Engines and Entropy, while some topics covered in Electricity and Magnetism are Electric Forces and Fields, Gauss' Law, Electric Potential, Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, DC and AC circuits. A number of fascinating laboratory experiments are conducted each semester using modern laboratory equipment, sensors and computers. Additionally there are numerous physical demonstrations of the principles discussed during the class. Physics 102 is fully transferable to all Cal State Universities, all University of California schools and all other universities of higher education. Physics 102 meets for 9 hours each week and is worth 5 units of credit.

Transfer Units (UC:CSU): 5

Prerequisites: Physics 101

Co-requisite: Mathematics 262

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