Physics: The mission of the Physics discipline is to provide students with a thorough preparation in physics for transfer to a four-year university as a science or engineering major or for entering into a technical vocation field.
Engineering: The mission of the program is to prepare engineers and technicians of the future by providing a strong foundation in pure and applied science and mathematics.
Degree:  AS Engineering – General – Plan A
Degree Learning Outcomes
The student will:
1. Apply the principles of mathematics, science and engineering to mechanical and electrical systems.
2. Design and conduct science and engineering experiments, as well as analyze and interpret the data and results of the experiments.
3. Function within a team, communicate effectively, behave professionally and act with ethical responsibility as it relates to the science and engineering fields.
4. Utilize techniques, skills, tools, and equipment necessary for the practice of engineering.
Degree:  AS Physics – General – Plan A 
Degree Learning Outcomes
The student will: 
1. Comprehend the core concepts and principles of classical and modern physics.
2. Recognize the interrelationships between the various principles of physics as well as recognizing the coherence of the entire subject.
3. Apply the scientific method to design and conduct physics experiments, and to analyze and interpret the data obtained.
4. Solve problems using a systematic approach, test the correctness of solutions, and interpret results in terms of the physical reality they represent.
5. Utilize computer applications for data acquisition, presentation and analysis.