GE 151: Materials of Engineering

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Materials of Engineering
Strength of Materials


mirostructure of a metal
Picture credit: © DoITPoMS Micrograph Library, University of Cambridge.

Modern art or just a polycrystalline material under polarized light?

Without advances in materials many of the wonderful products and stuctures that fill our lives would either not be possible or be unaffordable. Hence a fundamental understanding of what gives materials their particular properties that make them useful is extremely important for all engineers. This course relates such properties of materials to atomic and crystal structures and includes topics such as: atomic structure and bonding; crystalline structures; phases and phase diagrams; metals; polymers; ceramics; composites; mechanical deformation and fracture; electrical, magnetic and optical properties. The course also covers how such undertanding is used to design process methods to control such properties.

Transfer Units (UC:CSU): 3

Prerequisites:Physics 101 and Chemistry 101 with satisfactory grades or better or equivalent

Co-requisite: None

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