Engineering Program

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At LACC we value and respect students who have ambitions in the engineering fields. Currently we have a core engineering program that we are actively expanding. To view details of our Associate Degree in Engineering please view our course catalog.

Please also vist the links highlighted on the right for details of our individual classes.

Study Plans for courses at LACC

The following study plan flowcharts may be of guidance in planning your studies so that you are always prepared for the next step:

Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering


Planning for transfer is an important part of realizing your career aspirations. will help you identify which courses at LACC are transferable to the four year institution and degree of your choice. Please note that a number of the articulations are out of date and we are actively trying to resolve this. If you are concerned about the articulations or do not see one of our courses in the articulation list then please contact Dr Jayesh Bhakta who will try to answer your questions.


Here are some websites that are related to engineering employment:

U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Career center UC Berkeley
Career Resource Center for Material Science and Engineering