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Astronomy 11

Have you ever looked up at night and wondered how many stars there are in the sky, or how far away they are, or what, exactly, they are made of? Of course you have! We all have! Well, here's your chance to find the answers to these and many other mind-blowing science questions.

Astronomy 11 is a fully UC transferable class that explores the world of stars, galaxies and outer space. In this class we'll explore questions like "What is light, and what is gravity?" "How does a star shine?" "What is a Black Hole?" "How many dimensions does space have?" "What is the Milky Way?" "What will happen to our Sun in five billion years?"

Although Astronomy is a science, the class requires NO previous knowledge of astronomy or physics, and requires only the simplest math skills. Astronomy 11 will provoke you to think about the deepest questions in the universe! We'll explore ideas that are truly mind-boggling, we'll see the most beautiful up-to-date pictures of the heavens, and we'll try to figure out our place in the breathtaking and awe-inspiring universe above our heads.

Transfer Units (UC:CSU): 3

Prerequisite: None

Co-requisite: None