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Astronomy 1
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Astronomy 1

Astronomy 1 is one semester general education course designed for non-science majors that provides an introduction to the principles and theories of astronomy. Topics covered include: Overview and history of astronomy, lunar phases and eclipses, planets and the Solar System, starlight and its properties, stellar evolution, black holes and cosmology. Astronomy 1 is fully transferable to the CSU system as well as the UC system. Astronomy 1 meets the 'science requirement for graduation and for transfer, and when Astronomy 1 is taken together with Astronomy 5, then the 'science with a lab' requirement for graduation and for transfer is met. During the semester, students will have the opportunity to participate in an optional 'star party' field trip to view the sky and use telescopes from a 'dark sky location'!

Transfer Units (UC:CSU): 3

Prerequisite: None

Co-requisite: None

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