CSU Collaborative ADN to BSN

The LACC Associate Degree Registered Nursing program (ADN) is a collaborative school with CSULA, CSUDH, and CSULB School of Nursing. Eligible LACC ADN students have the opportunity to enroll at CSULA and complete the BSN requirements in 12 months after graduating from the LACC ADN program. Please see the LACC Nursing Counselor for details.

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CSULA School of Nursing

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ADN program

As of Spring 2009, drug screening is required as part of the criminal background check for all students accepted to the ADRN program.  Our health care facilities require criminal background checks and drug screenings to participate in the mandatory clinical component of the ADN program.

ATI TEAS Information (Test of Essential Academic Skills)

As of January 1, 2017, students will be required to take the ATI TEAS (ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills), in accordance with the directive of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. The passing score for the ATI TEAS is a composite score of 62%. TEAS V will not be accepted for Fall, 2017, applicants.

Students who score less than 62% on a first attempt of ATI TEAS must complete remediation and provide appropriate documentation of successful completion of remediation before being approved to retake ATI TEAS. Remediation must be completed at LACC. On a second attempt of ATI TEAS, students must meet a minimum score of 62% in each subcategory in order to be considered for admission to LACC Nursing.

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