Music Degree and
Transfer Program Worksheet

Music Degree or Transfer

The curriculum outlined below is designed to guide a student to a Music Major Associate in Arts Degree. These courses also prepare a student to enter transfer institutions as a Music major or minor. In addition to the courses listed here, the student must meet the provisions of the General Education requirements as stated in the college catalog. Title 5 requires that students earn a grade of "C" or better to receive credit for coursework.

All courses listed are to be completed under Graduation Requirements Plan "B" (60 units with 36 units in Music). Below are a total of 29 units in Music; the remaining 7 required units will be taken as music electives.

Starred courses (*) are those that are to be included in the minimum requirements under Graduation Requirements Plan "A" (60 units, with at least 18 units in Music). These 18 units will be fulfilled with the 14 units that are required for the first two semesters, in addition to 2 more units of Performance Ensembles and 2 units of music electives.

Students will select additional Music courses needed for proficiency in particular performance areas, composition, and orchestration and arranging. It is strongly recommended that a student also consider taking private lessons in his/her primary performance area.

All students should see a music counselor in the Music Department for assistance in arranging their program. 

First semester

Course                                                                Units

Music 152-1*                                                         (1)         
Music 200*                                                           (4)         
Music 311* (or more advanced level)                        (1)
Performance Ensemble*                                         (1) (see below)


Second semester

Course                                                                Units

Music 152-2*                                                        (1)
Music 201*                                                           (3)
Music 217-2*                                                        (1)
Music 312* (or more advanced level)                       (1)
Performance Ensemble*                                        (1) (see below)


Third semester

Course                                                               Units

Music 111 or 121/122/135                                      (3)
Music 202                                                           (3)
Music 218-2                                    


Fourth semester

Course                                                               Units

Music 313 (or more advanced level)                        (1)
Performance Ensemble*                                        (1) (see below)
Music 203                                                           (3)
Music 219-2                                                        (1)
Music 314 (or more advanced level)                        (1)
Performance Ensemble*                                        (1) (see below)
Electives                                                            (7)


Total Units - 36

The Performance Ensemble requirement may be satisfied by enrollment in and satisfactory completion of any of the following courses: Music 501, 531, 705, 711, 725, 751, 765, 771, 781.