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Attention All Students:

Do you want to complete your degree faster? Need to take a Math class but feel unprepared? Want to review before the assessment test? If so, keep reading... We are now offering a 3 week pre-assessment workshop that will shorten the time you must spend to complete the Math requirements for your education goal. The Math workshops are refresher courses in designed to provide students with the necessary preparation for the assessment test, as well as the math skills to start and succeed in any of our Math courses (e.g. Math 115), and possibly in some cases, advance to higher-level Intermediate Algebra courses (i.e. Math 125). We are offering two workshops and you must choose which of these workshops you desire to attend. Participation in this program means that you agree to attend each session meeting. The workshop schedule is: 



Workshop B


Franklin Hall Room 6













How do I get into the Workshop?

All students are eligible to participate if they have not attempted the assessment test within the last calendar year. As soon as possible, contact Dr. Merrill Eastcott, extension 2829 or email him at to arrange to pick up an “add card” for one of the two workshops available. * Students who have already attempted the Math assessment test are also eligible for this program.


What does it cost?

It is FREE!! This is a non-credit course and there is no charge to the student.


Why should I do it?

You will have an opportunity to work with a Math instructor to review for the assessment test BEFORE taking it, which could enable you to skip an entire semester (or more) of math. Also, you are guaranteed a seat in a spring 2013 Math class once you successfully complete the workshop.


Please address any questions to  or call us at extension 2829.

We look forward to working with you!


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